Morris Invest Best Rental Markets 2019

At our company Morris Invest we are constantly analyzing the best rental markets for investors. And guess what? It’s all about location. In this video you’ll learn …


  1. Hey please answer, what about around Rochester New York State??? Is that a good place to invest or anywhere in New York State ? Obviously I’m not trying to go into nyc to invest, anywhere around Rochester is it good to invest?

  2. I live in Panama City Florida and I can personally vouch that I will never own a rental property closer than 15 or 20 miles from shore. At the same time even Tallahassee who is 30 plus miles from shore still saw damages from Hurricane Michael, but at least they weren't completely devastated and wiped off the map like Mexico Beach just east of Panama City.

  3. Hello Clayton, great video! Do you have any suggestions in North Texas (DFW area or around) for high ROI on rental property?

  4. What separates you from other real estate moguls, Clayton, is your ability to explain how, with intelligence and grit, one can take control of your life! You in no way make it seem like lazy lumps can succeed in the buy and hold market. You have to have brains 🧠 and work ethic! Thanks buddy

  5. Clayton… I live less than 30 miles from downtown San Francisco, definitely still in the Bay area, still close to water. The houses here are still in mid 300k, mine 320k turn-key. in early 2018. This n'hood is 1955. Older, smaller homes, 950 sqft. Working class, mixed racial populace, 2 & 3 bdrm,1ba… I'm thinking this is class C as you've mentioned. (City of Vallejo). Of course this town has newer homes more expensive. But the average home in Bay Area is easily a million plus $$$…

  6. Cash flow that’s reinvested is the only way to have compounding growth in real estate. Appreciation is locked up gains that cannot be out to work month after month. Compounding always wins.

  7. In my opinion cash flow is the best reason to invest. Appreciation I can be calculated, but it’s entirely speculation. You might as well buy options if you’re that risk tolerant. Cash flow is where the snowball starts.

  8. HGTV program good bones is filmed in Indianapolis. Fountain Square just south of downtown houses being bought for 50k rehabbed selling for 500k

  9. Chicago eviction comment is very true. Nobody gets evicted between October and April, not that the dead beat tenant gets evicted quick in the summer either. Very bad city for landlords.

  10. My experience in the MW is that I bought 10 rental houses in Ohio in last 36 months. All under 35k. Cashflow is really good and renting out is never an issue. Struggle is management not finding deals, once you establish a pipeline. Master the management portion and that is usually where them money is made.

  11. I've been looking to invest in the real estate market for a while now, so I've been watching videos on it. But I feel like I've always been missing something so I have not even started looking, because I'm not sure which area I want to invest in! But you've helped me put the last pieces of my confident understanding together. Now I believe in ready. Fuck the SF bay area! I'm getting out of here!

  12. Hi Clayton Enjoy the video feeds but What about the Indianapolis Oceanpointe investors that have been ripped off? It seems they have been left high and dry. My recommendation of owning rental properties for the last 30 years: Do your homework on any out of state investments since you are ultimately dependent on the folks that Clayton recommends. Buying out of your area of expertise is a HUGE dice roll.

  13. What areas are good to invest in tennessee? I live in the nashville area and looking to invest within the next 6 months, but deciding on an area has been difficult.

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