Marijuana Cops – Episode 1 (Legalize It) HD

Marijuana Cops – Episode 1 (Legalize It) HD This is something a little different that I’ve been working on for quite some time. Enjoy 🙂 I welcome any ideas for …


  1. No! Don't legalize it. We already have enough drug problems as is. Promote soberness instead. If you think alcohol is a problem, then please lobby for a ban on alcohol. Don't use alcohol's legal status to legalize yet another bad thing that messes people up.

  2. There is a time and place to enjoy the effects of THC but it's not any time and any place. Unfortunately I didn't learn that lesson soon enough. There's more to life than just getting high. Same thing with alcohol. Moderation is the key. If you're high or drunk all the time you don't enjoy it nearly as much as you would if you weren't.

  3. These are basically robocops. They do what they're told even if the law they are enforcing is absurd or wrong. They don't give a shit about the moral implications or medical implications of it, they just arrest you. If the feds made tylenol illegal right now, I bet at least some cops would be arresting people for having it because they're like robots with no empathy or reasoning.

  4. Exactly why weed is illegal, it's not taxed and it will hurt big pharma's wallets. Only brainwashed idiots believe alcohol is safer than cannabis.

  5. cops need to chill about weed. they know damn well they smoke that shit. he said "it's way more than the usable amount and it wasn't personal use" how would he know how much it takes unless he smokes it himself…..

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