How to Make Paella in an Instant Pot // Tiny Kitchen Big Taste

It’s an International Cuisine Collaboration today on Tiny Kitchen Big Taste. Along with some other great channels (see below for all the links), we’re cooking up …


  1. Chef Fucci amazing paella it looks so delicious love how you made a difficult dish simple and easy but delicious
    Love that you used an instapot awesome video my friend great collaboration

  2. Fucci.. Great Job on the Paella I came over from Rockin Raffi's home cooking and what turned me on to you is that you made seafood Paella. This is by far my favorite Spanish Dish paired with the perfect Sangria I saw that Jeff made too. Keep up the good work. I just subscribed to your channel I will be on the look out for more recipes from you. Cheers.

  3. Awesome thank you so much for being part of the international cuisine collaboration. Your seafood paella looks amazing and I feel like eating the screen right now. 😂 thanks for the shoutout brother. Your the main attraction instant pot and Paella works perfect together. Love your video and your energy as always. The paella recipe you made is perfect and easy to do in an instant… pot 👍

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