1. Nick can you tell me please what are all the brands and models of farm machines you have in use at the moment god bless the welkers and greetings from Australia

  2. That was amazing! as great 2017 was! 2018 will be much more awesomer! and Rosie will have much more of a personality (rather than just sit/lay in moms arms!) and I always enjoyed how much fun you an Kathleen had, and hope it will continue on in 2018!!

  3. Looking forward to 2018 selling grain. shop projects.(cultvating the waste land to fields??) seeding. spraying. harvesting. And a lot more. Love to see how they farm in America lots different than Holland. If you want to see dutch farms look up.. Trekkerweb.nl on youtube.

  4. 2017 was the first year I watched and I thought it was pretty good. As for you guys, looked like it was a good year for you as well!! Take care, we all appreciate you're videos.

  5. the video title is very accurate. I was there for at least around 70% of your live streams, and I can't think of anything that's missing. as always, thanks for making these videos!

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