Global Health News Ep. #36 | Vaccine Propaganda | The Opioid Epidemic & Cannabis

We begin this episode from one of the countries we visited in our latest documentary… Japan (The Land of the Rising Sun). Did you know Japan has said “no” to …


  1. Thanks so much for bringing these issues into the light. I myself had an adverse reaction to a hep b vaccine and no one in the medical world would have a bar of it. Apparently it's Not possible!! Yet… Ask every second person and they or someone they know has had an adverse reaction to a vaccine. So Great you are bringing insight on other ways to be healthy and well in this world.

  2. You guys are amazing !.. Thank you for all you are doing to share truth, to inspire and educate. .I love your work, your passion and dedication .. keep on doing what your doing!

  3. How smart is Japan!!. Wish Australians would see the correlations between SIDS and brain injuries and deaths….and the list goes on. Love your work Ty & Charlene.

  4. I have spent the last 40 years researching vaccines – that means I have spent hundreds of hours at the medical libraries at the U of MI, U of Chicago, & U of WI, Madison WI. Early on I photo-copied clinical studies directly from the peer-reviewed medical journals accumulating hundreds of paper pages. For the last 17 years I went to the medical library at U of MI on a Sunday, spending at least 8 hours online downloading PDF formatted clinical studies from peer-reviewed medical journals. I have a total of over 20,000 of theses studies with well over 1,900 being on vaccination and vaccines alone. I can say without hesitation, the majority of what I have downloaded shows:

    1) ineffectiveness of vaccine, they do not prevent against what they claim to, only a innate healthy immune system does

    2) irreversible, acute and chronic damage
    3) delayed, chronic neurological damage
    4) irreversible immunological system damage

    and many more documented damaging effects.
    Rather than admit to the damages created, the medical community and media have changed the names of the older disease into new claims, thereby avoiding wrong doing. So what was once called polio is now "acute flaccid paralysis". Same symptoms, same disease but with a new nomenclature.

  5. You two are awesome and I do my best to spread the news by purchasing as much information as I can from you and share that information. You have educated so many and we thank you.

  6. The most shocking discovery I've recently got to know was that underneath that vaccine propaganda (and the fear that accompanied it as a crowbar to people's minds) was a kind of very dirty hypnotic suggestion that made those who subconsciously accepted that propaganda, partially disconnected from the God's care (incl. the unconditional love) which made them further exposed to manipulation at a very deep level (messing with the knowledge and memories at the soul level). And that was to further open people to more of such remote hypnosis: thought implants and implanted beliefs at the levels of subconsciousness and higher self (for laymen: that's a place between subconsciousness and the soul, thoughts from there are treated as own ideas, inspiration).

    Such mass hypnosis lasted since January to April (included) 2019.

    So, the persons behind that scheme must have the knowledge about the spiritual nature of the human and the connection between spiritual and mental areas of the human. Fortunately, this seems to be over now. Now it's time to wake the people (and their souls) up so they consciously reject that hypnosis effects.

  7. There are ways to avoid putting those unnecessary toxins, mercury, aluminum, etc., but it simply costs big pharma more… why not produce a good thing the proper way?! Should pure economics ALWAYS be the priority when dealing with such important matters? Most people are totally unaware that when they are trying to protect themselves — & others— are unknowingly at the same time allowing themselves to also be injected with toxins?! And children are simply done to… is it really selfish to refuse to have toxins injected into you?

  8. I completely agree with you, but what do you do when pediatricians won’t even see your child if you won’t follow their vaccination schedule? I’ve actually seen it on their websites.

  9. 300,000,000 dollars and up given by big pharma to lobby government in the USA. Here is the root of your problem, this system allowing corporations to basically bribe politicians and steer the agenda. It’s the root of all the problems including so much war, cancer rates, the huge prison population in the US, illegal plants, children in foster care on drugs and on and on.

  10. Very very disappointed in Malania Trump telling people during her "Be Best " anniversary to go get your measles vaccine, and in Robert Kennedy's family dissing him about his vaccine stance.

  11. does anyone know the number of vaccines a newborn was given in America in 2003? and thank you Ty and Charlene for your courage in bringing truth forward

  12. We should be able to find who in Congress is for and who against mandatory vaccines, including governors so we know who and who not to vote for. We need to make congress more responsible for what they stand for .

  13. Couple of things not mentioned about Japan. They do NOT vaccinate until the age of 2. And they give half the vaccines that the US require.
    And the figure the VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) has actually paid out $6 Billion to vaccine injured people!

  14. I can't believe what I'm hearing. Just last week there were a few interviews on national Swiss radio about measles epidemy in Switzerland, citing a top vaccine expert from University Hospital in Zürich stating how ignorant it was for people not to get vaccinated… Who believes this is coincidence?

  15. Hep B vaccine is NOT required for babies in ANY state. The hospitals. by statute and regulations PRESUME your consent and often administer it without asking you UNLESS you clearly voice you NON-CONSENT beforehand. Expect all staff to argue with you, lecture you, shame you, and antagonize you endlessly. And NEVER never let the baby out of your sight for a minute and have family and friends there 24 hours a day to help you watch the baby. They can and do vaccinate the baby against your will if nobody is watching without much legal risk on their part. Best yet do NOT give birth in a hospital except as a last resort.

  16. I'm a disabled veteran, I live in Utah. The Mormon Church hates cannabis and loves prescription drugs. That's why we use an attorney to leave their Church. it's amazing how the church doesn't stand up for disabled veterans and a large populace people who are dying of drugs.

  17. In Japan many are aware of the following.

    1. The Health Insurance scheme was pushed for by big pharma in order to create a tax based revenue flow for big pharma.

    2. The Japanese government cannot take full responsibility for the obvious damage caused by vaccines and therefor opted for free choice thereby putting all responsibility on the parents or patient concerned. In Japanese we say 責任逃れ which means avoiding responsibility. There is no awareness of vaccine ingredients and no education for parents. In fact parents must sign a waiver to not hold the doctor responsible for any injury.

    3. Japan still has a nationalist heartbeat and as such many officials are very aware of the Jewish Zionist scheme to damage the DNA of homogenous peoples by way of medical deception through vaccines.

  18. Such wonderful insight on home birthing. We had our one and only baby in a hospital. It was like a horror movie, the exorcist maybe. The last three minutes of labor, mom's temperature rose from the stress of birthing (from a pitocin shot) so our perfectly healthy baby was labeled as "septic". She was accosted by a team of 4 nurses from the NICU and swiftly taken away while mom had fainted on her way to the bathroom and lay on the floor with no hospital staff to help her. I was actually trapped under her as she went down while I was helping her to the bathroom and fell on top of me. I freed myself the best I could without injuring her further and saw that she was bleeding profusely. I ran for help and couldn't get help without screaming up and down the hall. When I finally got a nurse to help and we got mom back in bed, I turned my attention to our baby. Nobody could tell me where she was and it took almost 15 more minutes to get the information that she was in the NeoIntensive Care Unit. When I got there, I was prevented from entry by a locked door with a keypad entry system. Another 15 minutes wasted finding someone to let me in, proving who I was etc.. By the time I got in, and found my daughter, which was probably 45-60 minutes after birth, she was already on an IV. I told the nurse who was escorting me to remove it and she didn't even answer me, she turned to walk away swiftly and shouted to "call security". What?!!! Apparently, I was not the first parent to oppose their agenda and they had a "standard operating procedure" to deal with the likes of me. Within seconds, a group of staff encircled me. Doctors, nurses, orderlies I don't know who all but within a minute there were two security guards added to the huddle. When I insisted that they stop doing what they were doing, they called the police and I was told that if I didn't stand down I would be arrested! My baby was still being pumped with who knows what. The guards stood between me and my baby, two doctors in front of them and a handful of others flanking me. Again, horror movie content. I was escorted out and "orders" were given for her "care" directly in opposition to my stated wishes. BTW, shortly after the first nurse scurried away from me and spoke to, apparently the head nurse, I heard the head nurse shout "We've got an anti here, come on" to assemble the troops around me (as in antivaxxer).
    To make a very long story short, she spent two days with an antibiotic IV in her. They said they would not Vax her and I specifically told two doctors and a handful of nurses to put that in her chart but when we left, there was a vaccine card in her records (but didn't have any name on it suspiciously).
    I spoke with two attorneys but neither would help in any way without thousands up front. They both said it was not likely that I would win any action against the hospital or any of the staff and discouraged me from talking to any other attorneys. The hospital bill for this wonderful service was in excess of $26,000.

    That was almost 10 years ago. I was younger and while I knew what they were doing was wrong, I didn't have the knowledge and the conviction that goes with that knowledge to stand up against them more forcefully. I backed down and let them run straight over the top of me and my baby without repercussion. My bad, that won't happen again.
    My wish for you is this. That you never subject yourselves to a situation like we faced. If you do choose to have a birth in the hospital, know what you want before you go in. Understand what can happen and what can trigger the kind of event that we faced. Have a plan in place to avoid being railroaded like we were. Download a live video streaming app and use it. Turn it on and use it before the birth where you emphatically state to the doctor that you do not consent to vaccination, that it goes against your core (insert: Religious, Philosophical, Understanding Of Science) belief and that any attempt to vaccinate your baby will be seen as an act of aggression ( that's what it is). Video document at least the doctor and one nurse in the act of assenting to that statement and agreeing not to vaccinate your baby. Turn the camera on at the first sign of trouble and announce that you are filming. It will probably prevent them from acting out and if nothing else, you'll have an interesting video to show your family 🙂

    Don't let your baby out of your sight!!! These people are religious zealots bowing to the god of "medical science" and they WILL jab your baby if they can in spite of your wishes or their promises. Have family or a friend with you in the birthing room to help with this.

    Talk to the hospital officials BEFORE you go there for birthing. Get their consent, in writing to film. If they try to prevent you, find a different hospital.

    I've learned so much from these guys and pray blessings on them. Knowledge is power. Thank you Ty and Charlene!
    Be well

  19. Ty and Charlene keep doing what you're doing. I've recently been exposed – again – to the ignorance and arrogance of those who swallow the big pharma propaganda, dismissing all the data you demonstrate and present as "unsubstantiated opinions".

  20. I would like to know where the facts and research is behind the comment that Ty made on measles being traced to illegal immigrants. Since there wasn't any information provided after he made it. I appreciate what they did but that comment seemed out of context. Most countries did not force vaccination. However if an illegal immigrants come to the US, then why fear if most of us are vaccinated? How do these immigrants develop measles here in the US when they didn't have it in their country? I would like more information. Please don't make comments without facts. Thank you God bless

  21. New borns are not sexually active, iv drug abuser, and not employed working in high risk work places such as Emergency Departments. ????? Also mother who live in Africa were being vaccinated for tetanus and found burth control chemicals in the vaccines…

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