1. Have you tried 4LIFE transfactors? My twin sister is super allergic to wheat, dairy, shrimp, and all pain killers. It can cause her to go into an anaphylaxis attack. Because of this product she's able now to eat dairy and milk. It controls her symptoms. Maybe you should look into it.

  2. Maybe cannabis oil could help your skin, applied topically. I've never smoked but I've seen so many articles about how medicinal cannabis (genetically modified to avoid negative side effects) has a good effect on people suffering from terminal diseases like cancer and helps them through the pain. Maybe if you have a chance of getting this better quality weed or oil for a different application you could try it.

  3. Girl it’s the same as any pain killer. Weed helps you cope, relieves you physically and mentally.

    I take lyrica and morphine. Weed makes me paranoid but if it works USE IT!!.

    Love from Australia 💞💞💐💞💞

  4. I honestly didn’t think you smoked since you were against narcotics….. 😂😂😂 glad I was wrong. You just became even cooler and relatable 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  5. Thanks for sharing Niah. I support the use… it's exceptionally great for medical uses. I use CBD oil and it's the only thing that comes close to helping me with my rear allergies, regular allergies and many health problems. Cannabis is very beneficial for the skin. Hugs from the US.

  6. Love how genuine you are! If there’s anything that helps your situation even a little, I would hope everyone would support you! I’m really curious about the thumbnail for this video, is that a makeup look you did??

  7. I’m so happy weed gives you some sort of relief! I’m wondering if you’ve tried CBD more specifically. Some weed strains are high in CBD or are a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. I ask because you’ve said in the past that there’s a hemp cream that you use topically and you’ve noticed that it helps a bit so I have this strong feeling that CBD might provide you more relief. It’s worked wonders for people with debilitating pain and those going through radiation or chemotherapy. I’ve seen it save so many people so I’m just wondering if it’s something you’ve ever looked into 🙂

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