Charlie Munger: Investment Philosophy, The Economy and Politics (2019)

An interview with billionaire investor and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger. In this interview, Charlie discusses how he thinks about …


  1. GOLD GOLD GOLD: Skip to 8:38 when Charlie says AOC doesn't even know who Adam Smith was, this is PURE GOLD. One word and it sums up what AOC is and what she stands for she stands for STUPIDITY. As Peter Schiff calls her the bartender will run our country and bring prosperity. You better bring prosperity in your life and stop wearing $3000 dress before you teach us about wealth and money.

  2. Back when they printed the 4 trillion I said they should have divided it up and sent $10,000 to every American instead of using it to buy bonds (to lower interest rates) and crap mortgage backed securities from the banks to relieve the banks from their bad worthless purchases and give them 100% on the bad debt. Bail out the guys that created the problem is not a solution and better not happen again IMO. I'm sure it will though. More QE coming soon, to bail out the government 's overspending on war.

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