Water Soluble CBD! What you need to know…

All about water-soluble, hemp-derived CBD! This video covers what you need to know about water-soluble CBD, why you should care, and how that science …


  1. If what you're saying is true then how come fish oil is so beneficial I'm pretty sure bioavailability is also is determined to his how well your gallbladder And pancreas are behaving.

    Also you don't absorb these things in the stomach you absorb them and the gut so what are you saying the problem is with the stomach?

  2. My mom has cirrhosis of the liver. She did not get this from drinking she doesn't drink. She got it from all the medications the doctors have prescribed her ever since I was in high school I'm 38 now. I'm trying to find an alternative for her pain. Well CBD water or any other edible affect your liver?

  3. do you drink cbd water like wine or whiskey? meaning, can you pour yourself a glass of cbd water the same way you drink wine ( medium amounts over a long period of time or one time shoter shoots

  4. I'm using water soluble cbd in my brand of TEA!! plus cbd hemp flower for some earthy elements to my blends! thank you for educating about water soluble CBD!

  5. Oh My Goodness such great wisdom but that music! Ugh! lower the music and trust your voice, I have a hard time hearing u. But thank you so much for the vid

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