How Traders Can (Legally) Avoid 50%+ Taxes 💰

Charlie talks about strategies, deductions, and business structures that allow us as traders to pay less in taxes (percentage-wise) as compared to the average …


  1. Charlie, any thoughts on this below?

    Nevada is another state to consider for the formation of your LLC. There is no tax in Nevada on business income, capital gains, or inheritances, which makes it appealing to business owners. There is no franchise tax either, although there are fees for business licenses and annual filing fees.

    If you form an LLC in Nevada, you aren't required to create an operating agreement or hold annual meetings for your company, which can make running your business simpler. Additionally, Nevada does not have an information-sharing agreement with the IRS. If you're seeking privacy or anonymity, Nevada may be the state for you, since it allows anonymity in public filings. The processing times for LLC filings in Nevada also are relatively fast.

  2. If you have an account of say 1500 to 2500 , how much would you invest 10 or 20% ? Also how much on average would you expect to gain off that weekly in swing trading using your strategies?

  3. IRS is a total scam. Admire Trump for avoiding paying them a penny. California a high income tax state? Not really. Outrageous tax robbery takes place NY/Jersey. East Coast not a single fast road bridge is free. Besides income taxes these states are legalized robbery that outshines 3rd world corruption. Great 👍🏻 Charlie!!! You certainly do amazing. Other so called traders are just egomaniacs that have less meaningful content. Thank you!

  4. Charlie you my friend are just surpassing yourself every time you do another video watching the adds and hitting that ravishing like button is the least that I can do thank you so much for your great advice

  5. Or you can cross the Atlantic to the UK and use spread betting to trade. These are 100% tax free on gains and losses. You can make as much as you can without paying a cent to the tax office (goes under gambling law), and we do have CFDs as well but these are taxed and highly commissioned but with great leverage (1:5). And no PDT rule either… can trade 30 times a day, 7 days a week with £500 account if I want. (which I don't). Happy trading!

  6. Hey, I want to thank you very much #ZipTrader, with your techniques I was able to make 80%+ on my Snapchat put options. I know I have to pay taxes (short term capital gains), but still, an 80%+ trade is pretty good in my opinion.

  7. It's because california is garbage. Why people would choose to live there is insane. If you grew up there I can understand, but to choose to live there….nah. Buncha commies.

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