1. okay to the compagnie that have a 200 000 KG with SQDC and a join venture with Molson not even listed here -_- Cmon.. Hexo should be in your atleast top 5

  2. TRULIEVE Has 110,132,168 m shares fully Diluted fyi. so you x that by 16.23 cad=1.787B,. Check CSE it will Confirm that! =186m cad in sales x 4 so 1787m /186m=9.6 p/s. Which is GREAT For industry, but yeah. If you wanna just do shares out, then TILT is around 210-225m cad mkt.cap with shares out and will be doing 40-45m usd this quarter there reporting end of may x 4 is 160-180m usd x1.33 =212-239m cad in sales, so around a 1 p/s. Know if your doing 358m fully diluted x 2.1 thats 751.8m and then divide by 239m thats 3.14 p/s. Look into Tilt, and get back to me. Pyx owns 70% of Canadas Island garden which is a big player in East coast of canada, but yeah your right it sucks they dont show there cannabis sales. I got call options $17.5 strike till may. 17, should have sold out awhile back when it hit $6 i was up 350-400%, but we will see Pyx Could run hard early next week.

  3. Another great video Matt!!! ACB went below support of $8.50 today, I'm thinking more bloodshed tomorrow. And with the quarterly due next week, I'm looking for re-entry in the $7's.

  4. O.o not sure how you can say you don’t see anything exciting with OGI but then call Cantrust “cheap”.
    OGI reports a 110% increase in revenue in Q1 of 26.9M.
    Cantrust reports a 16M revenue with an increase of roughly only 30% and a major loss in operating cost. Interesting.

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