‘I have to say the obvious!’ – Stephen A. on D’Angelo Russell | First Take

Stephen A. Smith gives advice to Brooklyn Nets All-Star D’Angelo Russell after being cited for marijuana possession at LaGuardia Airport in New York.


  1. Somebody gotta let stephen a know we all know good and damn well that SOMEBODY was on the court high 😂 dont know who but man there had to be somebody

  2. It is not legal in NY only a restricted medical program is allowed. Even though it is decriminalized in NY black and brown people continue to be arrested at a higher rate for public use.

  3. 1 K hits for me. Sports Men and Women stay off the weed. Yes it's good for medical purposes but trust me cannabis changes your life period. I know it's a debatable issue but stay off the weed folks.

  4. I want Stephen a smith to take prescription pain killers for one month straight , then come back with the same argument . Dude it’s simple . They smoke weed , cause it doesn’t cause withdrawals . Would he rather have someone who ant on pain killers during the game playing sluggish? STAY OF THE DAMN PAIN KILLERS

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