The Science Behind Vanishing Ice – New Immersive Mixed Reality

What some American cities could look like in the year 2100 may surprise you. See the effects of melting glaciers in our latest immersive mixed reality with …


  1. If only a certain generation, that knew full well this was happening then, did anything about it.

    It's up to the newer generations to fix the problems they ignored. Do not feel bad about insulting Climate Change deniers on their ignorance based beliefs. They may nearly have doomed mankind to extinction.

    No exaggeration.

  2. This is so scary, whenever I see videos like these I feel like crying and feel anxious. I may not have to go through this but my kids and grandkids have to, I don't want them to live in a society of constant fear.

  3. If I want propaganda i'll tune into cnn or msn! Great junk science for the people that already believe. I don't suppose that they have ever heard that the ice comes and go's from time to time. No they have no proof that the ice they claim was really there, at that time, was actually there. It's someones (believer) theory!

  4. What a pile of BS. A true climatologist would recognize that we are experiencing climate shift.
    Regarding the Greenland glacier. It's grown a bit over the last few years But….. Greenland used to be covered with green vegetation. That is why it is called Greenland.
    The climate is shifting, not warming . Some areas are getting warmer while other areas are getting colder. The net across the earth is a balance. Watch Dr Happer of Princeton or Dr Patrick Moore. formerly with Greenpeace Canada.
    Even the founder of The Weather Channel does not believe this BS.
    We would have to reduce CO2 by 50% to see any change in 'green house effect. We could double CO2 and see a negligible change in green house effect.

  5. Ok let’s tax the crap out of everyone with more than 2500 sqft of living space , one small vehicle per family go back to dirt roads and kill all the cows, only wood heat etc…the people that complain the most about this are the wealthy and they abuse the most, everyone is government has a huge foot print Thanks to us dumb tax payers

  6. Oh yes, climate change has been occurring since the Earth became into existence. Climate change will continue to the end of the planet, what's different? Look at the discovery of forest beneath the ice cover, it is a natural cycle that will not be stopped by any actions we take.

  7. According to Trump this is a Chinese hoax. My brother says that God controls the weather and that there is no global warming. So, nothing ever gets done. Don't forget there will be stronger tornados/hurricanes and more wildfires. Arctic blasts didn't used to come to the US. How bad do things have to get before mankind does something?

  8. OMG.. How easy to force feed humanity BS and how quickly they lap it up like a starving dog. This has been going on since the earth was created you silly moon bats. If I had a nickle for every time scientist has gotten something wrong, I would be a wealthy woman today. There is only ONE who knows exactly happened since creation and who has control of the weather and it sure the hell isn't scientist.

  9. Ok now that but at 2030 at the latest, not 2100, and this only mentions sea level rise, not the 69 and counting auto-catalytic processes / positive feedback loops that mean a rapid increase of 5-10C within mere months making industrial agriculture as we know it untenable, meaning, food shortages, famine, unrest, collapse:

    We could have an ice-free arctic this summer, or the next. We need to stop throwing around best case scenario 2100 estimates, the time for serious discussion about what happens when the arctic becomes ice-free in the next 1-5 years should be taking place but nope, the "elites" don't want to incite panic, instead they are quietly buying doomsday retreats in New Zealand and massive fortified disused missile silo turned doomsday bunkers:

  10. I hope we can reverse the damage Humans have done to our only home, can’t believe we have brain washed dummy’s who think it’s fake! Thank you Weather Channel for this great video!

  11. Its a refreshing change, finally no plea for doing something about climate change or global warming. The Governments around the world have deemed it all a hoax anyways and refuse to make any attempt at doing anything about it so, cool heres what were looking forward to. Enjoy

  12. Make some PoPCorN, Folks!
    It's going to be one heckuva' Show!
    (when I was growing up in the 70s, TPTB were warning Us of the 'Second Ice Age'!)
    The Planet will go on surviving…
    …Humans with their Idiocy and Arrogant Ignorance, not so much.

  13. Funny how they only chart sea rise data from 2000 on – because the sea levels have been rising steadily at less than half an inch per year for over 10,000 years, and is slowing down…not speeding up. And she breezes over that sea levels declined in both 2010 and 2011 – did we stop producing CO2 (a coolant) those two years? More hyperventilation piled on top of:

    ● (1970-1980) "global cooling" – Life Magazine, Carl Sagan, Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich, UC Davis ecology professor Kenneth Watt

    ● (1970) "mass extinction" – Senator Gaylord Nelson, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute Dr. S. Dillon Ripley

    ● (1970) "mass starvation" – professor at North Texas State University Peter Gunter

    ● (1989) "the tipping point is 2000" – senior environmental official at the United Nations Noel Brown

    ● (1990) "By 1995, the greenhouse effect would be desolating the heartlands of North America and Eurasia with horrific

    ● (2000) "no more snow" – senior research scientist for the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia David Viner

    ● (2003) "national security concern" – Pentagon

    ● (2005) "climate refugees" – United Nations

    ● "ice-free Antactica" – various.

    ● (2007-2009) "ice-free north polar ice cap by 2013" – Al Gore

    ● "resource depletion" – UC Davis ecology professor Kenneth Watt

    ● (2002) "the world had a decade to go green – environmentalist George Monbiot

    ● (2007) "we only had four years to save the world" – head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Rajendra Pachauri

    ● (2009) "there was only 50 days left to save Earth" – United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown

    ● (2009) "we had hours to stop global warming" – leader of the Greens in Canada Elizabeth May

    ● (2009) "we only have 96 months to save the planet" – Prince Charles

    ● (2012) "overpopulation" – New Geography's Wendell Cox

    ● (2012) "Obama is the last chance to stop global warming" – United Nations Foundation President Tim Wirth

    ● (2014) "we only have 500 days to stop climate chaos" – France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius

    ● (2015) "the last effective opportunity to stop catastrophic warming" – Pope Francis

  14. Dont worry, rich guys can buy more stuff poluting the earth and poor guys can f…. more and make babies wich will polute even more :))))
    Why do they tell this shit ? Who cares ? 2 solutions, shoot more rich corrupt assholes and introduce condoms in india, china, pakistan, russia, brazil and MAINLY USA also introduce some scools to donut friends in USA maybe they can grow some brains and stop f…king the world.

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