1. Love your videos. Just wanted to say for your friends watering from the bottom is a far better and easier way to water ganja than sprinklers Cuts down on pests and mold too. One love

  2. Bro co.e to india, state Arunachal pradesh ,distt. Tawang its a place worth travelling i ll manage ua accomodation dont u worry!!!!u can stay with me nd we will travel places…i hope u could come,asias second largest monastery is situated here in tawang…so simon please do come if u can

  3. What's up Simon and Jason from NYC. The videos you shot at Jason's are my favorite. Jason you have a beautiful spot you're lucky to wake up and see that view every day. Keep the good vibes going. I come to JA every year usually stay in negril what part of JA do live ?

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