CT WEED REVIEWS #339 Dispensary STRAIN: G13

CT Weed Reviews Dispensary STRAIN Review: G13 by Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions….FIRE INDICA!!!!! Super Potent Government Medicine available …


  1. I prefer the smaller nugs like that G. Sure bigger ones look nicer but you get the same effect whether it comes from a big nug or a small and it's easier to grab what you need for a bowl or joint. Plus my fav part is you get less stem and more flower with small, those big buds are gonna have bigger thicker stems to support that extra weight its science lol.

  2. hey G, take note that theres over 3% terpenes in the flower. over 1% of b myrcene… and the oil has less than 2% terps… so i find the oil less effective than the flowers. cheers ✌

  3. The whole small bud/big bud debate is ridiculous. I remember back in the day we always went for smaller because the big dense ones were always poorly flushed and full of miracle gro. Regardless, as long as it weighs out and has the effects you're looking for, who cares?

  4. never forget the lexi too!! cps is the friend who can always be there for you when the fancier ones sell out fast. that said; I'm patiently awaiting a flood of hybrids. it's time.

  5. what up G….I'm pretty sure the fioriden C isn't just g13 but in fact g13 crossed with star killer. …which I could see, star killer bud structure is definitely there. this video inspired me to throw a bottle in my cart tonight! good lookin G!

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