Chris Evans Reveals Why He's Single | E! News

The “Avengers: Endgame” actor opens up about his bachelor life, retirement and using marijuana in a candid new interview with “The Hollywood Reporter.


  1. I relate to him. I mean, I'm not reaching my Bachelorette stage but I get why he's being careful with who he chooses next. Good luck to him.

  2. The flood gates will open and his reasons with heavy traffic in the echo chamber no doubt. Men can wait forever lucky for them. It’s a double standard women wait that long it’s a conundrum.
    If he’s ready and that special one comes along it’s fine normal ppl that’s how it should be don’t force yourself on anyone or be pressured into any relationship.

    There has to be a proper connection. Life is not perfect no anyone it’s a working progress. Most times ppl want to chose and control your life without knowing anything other than being an actor. The big screen movies give different vibe on ppl’s personal perspective. Ppl though feel it’s their prerogative to choreograph others lifestyle.

    His standards are what matters right or wrong traditional or conventional. Whatever feels right is to bring him joy no matter the challenges which is normal for any relationship. Timing is everything in life it’s not a miracle if you don’t make it complicated neither a one relationship should fit all.

  3. He just needs to find the right woman which doesn't take advantage of him being rich,hot and famous and who loves him full-heartedly (aka me but I'm too young lol)

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