ANIMALS On DRUGS | HIGH Cats Dogs | Funny Pet Compilation 2018

Funny animals on drugs compilation, high cats and dogs ate too much grass Have you seen the BEST OF CHEESE ROLLING compilation?


  1. No one's ever watched a YouTube video that they found someone what offensive , I find that hard to believe with all the fake thumbnails floating around there.

  2. Once i was Drinking whisky in our farm house, after a minute nature is calling me, when I came back from the toilet. I don't believe what i see, my cat and Dog are drinking half the bottle of Whisky after that they can't sit stand and walk….

  3. It's funny yes but it's sad as well. I worked at an animal clinic n seeing that frozen stoned look makes me think of putting animals down n having 2 take care if the bodies after owners leave was traumatizing, but its part of life. Sry put my 18 year old cat down in December n stayed until end she wad grey multi colored so grey cat made me think of Peggy. Sry God bless you XoJaynaoX

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