1. What is wrong with Adderall, Xanax & Trazodone? He probably gets all of those from his doctor! Those aren't a big deal. What is wrong with this kid interviewing this guy? This is stupid! This guy even said, "I don't drink I take Trazodone", it is prescribed as a sleep aid. Adderall is prescribed for people who have Attention Deficit Disorder. Xanax is prescribed for anxiety. Is this guy just looking for something wrong with people? This guy with the camera is an idiot!

  2. Anyone who takes adderol 3 times a day with some thorazine thrown in will act like this. Poor guy is a junkie and doesn't even know it. He's thrive better in the wilderness alone than in that city with them Dr's helping.

  3. I'm in ft Lauderdale (flakkadale) and just left a broward county 30day rehab; this flakka shit is fucking crazy. These people are nuts when they get off it causes unfixable damage to the brain it also leaves them half retarted sometimes and a lot of psychological problems. Its also flooding the black neighborhoods. There's definately some sneaky shit going on with flakka. Stay the fuck.away from it!!!!

  4. I'm just saying I didn't have you tube growing up and I get high because my body believes what it sees and If I seen this footage say as a teenager I may have given all drugs a second thought before trying them.

  5. In other news:
    If I was forced to make a new designer drug at gunpoint, I would make the high tempotarily provide a large boost to IQ and put the person into a Zen-like calm as well (I think it may also accidentally make users practically unable to be subdued via tasers), with a preferable side effect being a lack of desire to take the drug, so as to make sure that as little harm comes from the drug as possible.

  6. You know whats sad or a shame as some refer the situations to people doing it. What it is Is F'king Twisted an Sick ! The generation of kids now is doomed with this being there time to do them stupid things we did growing up.. but our partying then you still got to choose the path you went down in life for the most part.. not this generation they never get a chance at a normal life if this is what society is starting them off with. Future of what.. death, severe addiction leading to in an outta jail . Broken from the word go.. Its evil people maken it knowing what its about. an its more evil people giving it to these kids an everyone else. Anyone that thinks that every addict asks for there life to be like that is saddly wrong. If you have kids that are growing up in todays world the chances are there gonna try doing Drugs at least once usually more with there friends. So If they come home after aweekend with there friends an there hooked an pushing away from anyone who cares since they cant control it.. Did they ask for it an is society suppost to now push them away an treat them as ppl. Do others ? when they obviously need help up not farther down till they end up dead. Screw ppl. that think it cant happen to them or someone close to them. . Theres no reason for kickin ppl. When there down when you dont know even reason behind it.. Drugs of all types consumed the world. So we all will face or know some one who faces an addiction. Look at the types of drugs being made now adays.. why such kinds are being made an pushed lately is what I wounder.. nothing is chemical free any more. maybe its population control or if its commin from China then maybe getten even with other countrys .. i guess it dont matter its here, just dealing with it does. This is America thou.. Becomming the land of the nuts any more. An thats sad. When the world is full of toxic shit we consume already. So why are people making all these synth. Crap like krok. , ba. Salts , flakka-budda-gravel-molley an all the other names its givin.. Sorry so long an Im just dealing with yes my son not bein able to become him self again cause the addiction part controls his life ever since he came home on medical leave from army an now no longer can serve or be that 110% dad like he could if perhaps maybe more ppl. Would lend them a hand up rather then kicking them while they are down. Some choose that life an path, some go there to excape from there life for a moment an loose there way back.. probly scard to come back with all the ppl. Looking down at ppl. For doing it. Any how.. Theres a story behind behind every set of foot prints. So raise the awearness.. people need to talk to there kids before they discover it on there own an its to late. But Sorry if Im sounding crazy too.. tired an also concerned for kids that may face haven to deal with it in there life where its a fast killing growing matter.. Tough bein a parent at times even after they grow up. Thanks for listening to me vent an Good luck to any one who faceing An terrible addiction thats tearing there life apart an ppl. in it who care.

  7. Doctors are to blame for all this shit
    They dont care about fixing the problems. They care about their pay checks. If u r fixed and healthy then what will they do? No just keep prescribing shit to mask the issue…will keep em coming back for more.

  8. Poor guy? Fuck him, unless someone strapped him down and forced him to ingest this drug, which I highly doubt, it's his own damn fault. Stop feeling sorry for society's idiots and rejects, they survive on your sympathy…FUCK THEM!!!!

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