1. Within 5 years she’ll b delivery Weed with “drones,” owner of 100 acres, charging universities to speak on Weed during seminars, n financially stable especially if she invested r create a “weed coin/crypto currency!” 👸🏾🥇

  2. Dr Umar is not against growing real marijuana. He's talking about being so quick to get marijuana from the government. From the government will be chemical base meaning fake weed. Umar is basically saying if we are going to intake marijuana we need to grow it our selves instead of getting it from the government. Weed will be another tool to take blacks out.

  3. Its not about legalizing to weed to consume it. We consume tons of things that are unhealthy for us from alcohol, trans fats, ect. Its not the government responsibility to act as a nanny. Its about legalizing marijuana to take away a vessel that white supremacist police currently use to profile and harass black men. If you can't understand that you are fucking lost.

  4. Great topic. Massachusetts is just now getting into the cannabis business. There is special language in the law allowing for the creation of marijuana dispensaries that mandates that bureaucrats “encourage full participation in the regulated marijuana industry by people from communities that have previously been disproportionately harmed by marijuana prohibition.” In other words they recognize black folks were disproportionately for selling dope and they recognize these people should not be left out of the booming profits. See the link to an article in the Boston Globe. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/08/23/legal-pot-was-called-opportunity-for-business-owners-color-but-barriers-remain/v9eqE92XcSCCyxhYeTptVP/story.html. Massachusetts is also looking to give people with a criminal record an opportunity to get in the game. It's early yet, but the cannabis business in Massachusetts is okay. I personally have never touched the stuff, but I think there is plenty of opportunity. Coming off of Dr. Watkins previous video about the need for entrepreneurship. This is a good bet. There are not many black people in the legal cannabis business and it requires a huge investment.

  5. Black People the first crop that was grown in America wasn't cotton but Hemp(Marijuana), The first Four or Five President of America grew Hemp.The first Bibles, maps, charts, Betsy Ross's flag, the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence(Not Black People) and the Constitution(Not Black People) were made from hemp. In 1937 The Paint, Gasoline, Paper, etc pressure the Government to make hemp illegal by calling hemp to Marijuana. In 1941 Henry Ford's first Model-t was built to run on hemp gasoline and the car itself was contructed from the hemp that he grew on his large estate. You can google it or go to http://www.powernomics.com and get Dr. Claud Anderson Books to learn about real history of this country.You can get your head out of the sand(Stupid Comments), wake up and do something about it for the future of our children.

  6. OMG thank you for talking about this. I've been warning people about this very same thing for at least ten years. Without land, nontraditional banking, capital, know-how, blacks will be left out.

  7. Capitalism to Fully work= 1. Ownership of Land 2. Ownership of Capital 3. Ownership of Entrepreneurship 4. Ownership of Labor!
    Ask Urself who/what group of people r in position of Ownership???

  8. Science n careers needed in the “weed dispensary industry!”
    1. Scientists (botanists, chemists, biologists)
    2. Agriculture (land/land owners, herbalists)
    3. Politicians n Lobbyists
    4. Businesses (salesmen n saleswomen)
    5. Programmers
    6. Innovators
    These r some of the basic opportunities in the “weed industry!”

  9. I guess all Black people should only become owners of beauty salons, barber shops, soul food restaurants, n basic real estate! Who r the consumers of those businesses?Smmfh!
    Against racism but majority of our products r made by others!
    Black people need to understand economics, racism n entrepreneurship! 🥇

  10. People need to stop with the Umar Johnson bad talk, everything he says is not bad, in fact, a lot he says is true. The bottom line is that he has a passion to want to see us in a better state, he is Pro Black. Now, the government doesn’t have that passion, that desire. They have proven that time and time again and continue to prove this, So…why would you think that legalizing weed is a good idea? Huh?? I’m waiting for an answer.

  11. A lot of people on here are true idiots. First off when did plants in its pure form be considered a drug? Second there's more medicinal properties to the plant than wtf you idiots mention. But you all use the image television projects. Third marijuana is one of the biggest things ADOS are locked up for! So why not eliminate the laws causing it? But no all you all see is this bullshit negative image! & idgaf what Umar money hungry ass talking about! He has his moments where he's dropping game, but his ass talks way out the side of his neck too…..

  12. Trust me out of alcohol and weed weed is definitely is the lesser ppl on here talking about weed , PSA McDonalds, Pepsi, Tylenol is much worst do research I've been studying this for 9 years now leave it to the experts, please

  13. 😒 Uuuuuhhhhh Dr, wooo why are you blogging about something Umar Johnson said? You hot a race to prepare for. We're gonna get you that Elevation Training Mask. You're gonna win the race. The man we respect is gonna be right back to living his best life. You're that Black Social Media Doctor people listen to right now. He's not.

  14. Its Dr Umar Johnson first of all and secondly the legalization of drugs is a disgrace and will only lead to easier access for kids I'm shocked Dr Watkins would cosign this nonsense

  15. The first year or two the weed might be normal but trust and believe this will a serious detriment to our people who already have abuse issues with drugs. Down the line marijuana will a legal hallucinogenic that will destroy our youth.

  16. Any industry that further clouds the mind of oppressed people should not be participated in by those oppressed people. Cannibus is like alcohol. There is no honor in partaking of it or selling it. Those are industries we Black folks should get away from just my opinion.

  17. Alcohol is dangerous because the only way white people out die black people is with a six pack, and an oak tree on payday. Government regulated weed will be processed with sugar just like cigarettes and other carcinogens such as opioids, etc.

  18. Yeah some parts of weed are natural. But can we be really honest and admit that everybody is not smoking natural weed! It’s laced with drugs which is why people go from weed to crack

  19. Those things are not achieved through legalization because if the government regulates it and the companies are the producer there is no way in hell we can trust them to manufacture harmless sources of marijuana. I agree with decriminalization, however you have to remember that it was the government agencies who regulated and sanctioned the very drugs they are using in patients.

  20. It is biological warfare. You have to be blind not to see that coming. Demasculating males. This is not marijuana! It is a genetically modified man made product. This is a weapon of mass destruction. #Facts

  21. People of color have never grown enough marijuana to run a business. Most of the marijuana that is pushed is grown by large producers. This entire issue is a propaganda infused plot to sucker the masses into funding another carcinogenic industry.

  22. I'm for legalized weed because I don't believe we should jail people for having it. But I am staunchly against smoking weed because it keeps you a flipping moron. Weed in my opinion in for dumbass people.

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