MARIJUANA TALK: 2020 Presidential Candidate Beto O'Rourke on Drugs (FNN)

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  1. WTH?? This guy is a poster child for Drug Use. What's with those hands and arm movements? Give him a downer. I thought Pelosi was bad.It's  going to be an experience to watch him at the Democrat Debates. After watching him in this video ,I feel dizzy.

  2. I love the crowds… George Soros does NOT Pprove. He did not pay actors to be here…. 😂 . Beto…. Like beta? Beta being two I believe. Just as many of those people in this crowd that will actually vote for him. I'm getting smarter with these puzzles.

  3. Does the dem establishment really think that anyone beside moronic liberals and never trumpers believe this guy beto?? Good lord he is such a fake. They modeled him like they did Obama.

  4. The first few words out of his mouth confirmed this guy doesn't have a clue about what the real problems are with the hard drug epidemic in our country let alone a comprehensive solution – he has no skills and experience regarding being a president I will never vote for him and the Dem party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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