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In reply to Thug Joe Gramaldi. Donate to help keep me on the road and with the legal fight I am currently engaged in-follow this link. And thatnk you all that have …


  1. Hey NNH, you do realize that First Amendment Audits pretty much die an instant death on January 1st 2020 right? When the Real ID Act goes into affect on that day, the idea that you have the right "not to ID" becomes irrelevant. Once the Facial Recognition Database goes live, it wont matter if you want, or consent to be identified or not, they will simply photograph you and run it thru the system, and have an auditor ID'ed in seconds. America will make Nazi Germany look like childs play, at that point. Id love to know your thoughts…

  2. The terrorists in the USA have started to where a blue line. They put it on uniforms, cars, and buildings. Man times you will see it desecrating the US flag. Some times they don't ID with a blue line and try to pass as normal Americans. They are dangerous in their deception to deceive and throw you in jail or just shoot you. Many have died at the hands of these ghouls. They along with many Government workers believe themselves to be Sovereign and don't have to answer to the laws the rest of do. So stay vigilant America. Keep up the great work Auditors.

  3. I have cams everywhere .Not because of illegal activity on my land but to protect my family from ASSHOLE NEIGHBOR that try destroying my property. So if I'm killed over cams on my property the world is really fucked up.BE CAREFUL FOLKS THOSE DOORBELL CAMS CAN GET YOU KILLED just ask the guy in his dress.

  4. Without commenting on NNH’s legal circumstances, it’s nice to see SOMEONE, ANYONE out there pushing the issue. I do not want this to fade into obscurity.

  5. Houston Police and their Union have been caught committing murder Citizens….and they are acting out because NNH pointed out the facts …..
    NNH life is in danger from this gang. Sad but true.

    Who is next ?? Think about it.
    It won't be long till they come for you and your family……


  6. ……you are so wrong on so many parts, Goins the murdering Leo stated that his informant bought black tar heroin at this home, the informant denied it, then Goins the murdering Leo said it was another informant, that informant denied it another lie, a large bag of heroin was found in Goins vehicle speculation was for planting on the victims! Tell the douchebag to continue wearing the kilt and quit trying to cop splane for these murders, the kilt is appropriate for a girly man who has to squat to pee!

  7. Thank you Sir Kilt Man for speaking out against this wicked cartel drugging up America's school children to say and do things against their parents.

  8. Well, no real surprise that these Houston cops did not donate to the Tuttle funerals. Their noses might have been out of joint. After all, they heard from the public re the 5 injured cops – that they were NOT heroes, so no tears, no flowers, no parades, no weeping women, no casseroles. NO honor in the Houston PD.

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