How to make a pond in a pot

Step-by-step guide on how to make a small pond in a pot. Garden ponds are great for wildlife, and if you add pond plants you don’t need a pond filter.


  1. It looks like a plantpot with muddy water in it…get a much bigger pot – add a solar pump and filter – add in duck weed and water lettuce, then a couple of freshwater fish like minnows, or even a goldfish or two.

  2. Cool tutorial… but to say you came up with the concept of a pond in a pot is really taking way too much credit. Many other people have done this for a very long time. I don't think this is your original idea. Just saying…

  3. Her garden is beautiful but does she know what a pebble is. Also I would add a couple of snails or guppies maybe to prevent algae buildup and mosquitoes

  4. We really don't want mosquito I thought u we're going to add something to make a fountain. I enjoy your video a lot will subscribe n look out for others you have done 👋❌♥️⭕️💯

  5. She has to put a pump to keep the water moving….stagnant water equals algae….pump and water snails are all thats needed….and at least 30% weekly water change to keep water clean

  6. This is not a concept she came up with. Hell ten years ago I had one in my front yard that had a small fountain right in the middle, a fogger and little accent lights. Maybe I should claimed rights to it then.

  7. If adding fish the silicone needs to be aquarium safe silicone..anything else is toxic to is tap water with chlorine and chloramines…..need water conditioner to make it safe for fish…….it would be cruel though to try and house a fish in a pond this size….an old bath tub would be better than a plant pot if you want fish.

  8. Algae city! You'd best deal with cycling that water, else it'll become a mire pretty quick. Standing water is not a great thing. Installing a fountain pump will move the water around, at least.

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