1. My plants are not growing properly, they r a at slow pace growth. I'm dis appointed. Plz help. Second thing is I don't get garden soil available. Is there any other options?

  2. Great video..please also share how frequently you need to pluck coriander or methi. I had grown them once and realised that if you dont pluck them soon, they dry.. please guide on after growth care of these herbs. Also request to show some more herbs like mirchi, curry leaves, ajwain etc.

  3. Thank you for the video! Very lovely. How about growing Venus fly trap plant in Pakistan or India? Is it the right temperature for it? Can it be done? Also, would the fly trap work for the flies in Pakistan?

  4. Could you please help me with growing Western herbs like basil, rosemary, etc., from shop bought leaves packets. I am finding it difficult to understand which kind of stalk/ level of age to use for rooting. Basil almost doesn't have a nod in most of the packets, just leaves, so I hope I can't grow that, but the others have nods, but don't know which one to use

  5. Hey Dear can you give tips on nurturing a curry leaves plant ? Sorry I don’t know what it is called…
    Also if possible mint- they were never happy in my garden- they die😪
    Thankyou I am excited about this new series💖💖💖💖

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