Lex’s Grow Journal CONCLUSION + Mars Hydro Light Review

Today on Lex’s World we conclude my grow journal – 7.5 weeks in and entering final flushing. As it turns out a casual grower, staying within legal personal limits …


  1. It would be interesting to see a grow journal where you go a little less casual, but try to optimise results with as little work / attention paid possible. So not really casual, just efficiently lazy haha.

  2. I have a question I am quite the newbie so forgive my question it may sound stupid. I have a 5×5 grow tent with 2 300 watt led lights I was wondering what kind of amount of bud I will end up with?. My first grow was in a closet that was 6×6 but I have moved since and I only ended up with about 200 grams for 2 females. I hope to do a seed grow this time but after that back to bud. But I have trouble understanding the light rating, I keep reading 600watt is the target but with 2 300 watt lights on 4 plants will that be good or am I ending up with the same? I have read a lot more better ways to trim and bend and what not to get better results. Thanks and all the best.

  3. I have my set up in my closet, as i get closer to veg stage i am wondering how exactly i am going to pipe out the air from a carbon filter without putting a whole in the wall, any ideas lex?

  4. Love the stuff you put out lex! This is very casual like my 1st closet grow but you still had better result them my 300 smd led mass production from china. I notice you mention cob technology which i actually have a few otw in the mail now, whats your opinion on them and what the difference from the cheap chinese driverless ones from say something like bridgelux or cree?

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