Legalizing lessons: What Canada can learn from Colorado cannabis

It’s now legal to light up in Canada, but it wasn’t the first place to do it. Colorado legalized cannabis in 2014. Four years later, what lessons can Canada learn …


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  2. I don't know what to think of this. Why couldn't this decision be determined in provincial refurendums? I'm in favour of legalization (not a pot user myself) but on a provincial level (like the state of Colorado)

  3. Wait till everyone's parents have 4 5ft tall plants then the kids gunna grab some off the plant and start smoking or steal it off their friends parents plants. So yes there will be an increase in kids smoking very soon.

  4. For one thing. They seriously under estimate how many Canadians smoke weed.
    I will keep buying from online shops in BC…you get much better deals. I will keep buying from my dealer also, because still cheaper, and high quality.

  5. Why are the MP's lying about weed in the chamber during question period? There was no mass increase in traffic accidents after legalization. This system is being set up to fail. It's not legal it's just legal enough to keep the intent of prohibition alive. Harassment.

  6. Both Colorado and California require legal pot buyers to be at least 21 years old … Canada's age of 18 is too young to be buying pot or alcohol … but Trudeau knows he has to keep his voters dumbed down as much as possible.

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