Ryobi Vs Ego | Battle of Self Propelled Battery Mowers

Ryobi vs EGO Mowers – We have recently reviewed the Ryobi 40 volt 20″ Brushless Push mower ($299.00) and the Ryobi 40 volt 20″ Brushless Self-Propelled …


  1. I purchased this Ego Self Propelled Mower a few days ago from Home Depot and I got to say that is was money well spent. This mower is everything you could ask for in a mower. I still got to get use to operating a battery operated mower given that I have been using gas mowers since I was 11 years old. But it is adjustment that won’t take long considering how much of a pleasure it is to use this awesome machine. Ego Mowers are awesome.

  2. I think if you have other tools that are powered by Roby, you most likely have additional batteries so there is no additional cost or extra battery needed. I have three batteries I believe and 4 pieces of yard equipment that can work from those batteries. I have not had anybody issues as of yet

  3. I have the next gen EGO 21" and my only complaint with it is the lack of cyclone strength. Sure, it has the power to cut comparably to a gas-powered mower, but it sure doesn't clean up the leaves and other random debris that may gather on the lawn anywhere near the same.

  4. Thanks for the video I went to HD to buy the ego but before I got it I went around to the garden area where they often keep their returns/recondition items and unsold displays and I got an offer I couldn't say no on the ryobi! So just got it hoping I will love it and worse case I can sell it without a loss.

  5. Great video, but note that 50Ah batteries at different Voltages are not really comparable; Watt-hours (Wh) is the measure of power. So Ryobi 50Ah x 40V = 2000Wh vs. EGO 50Ah x 56V = 2800Wh! But the bottom line/real-world measure is this: price per run-time, and you have covered this nicely.

  6. The Ryobi i has a mulching blade and a bagging blade. You mentioned the ryobi can only fill half the bag.

    I would like to know if when you did the bagging test, did you have on the mulching blade or the one for bagging?

    This could make a huge difference for those that bag their clippings especially if that’s as good as it gets with the bagging blade. Thanks!!

  7. how hard is it to push a push model compared to the self propelled ? and some reviews say the ryobi self propelled slips alot and you gotta push it anyways ? … so is the self propelled models really worth it , especially if I only pretty much have flat land ?…
    and any feedback on the Kobalt model that's similar to the ryobi 40190 ? the Ego is quite pricey, considering electric cord, and gas models area cheaper than average battery models… $$ adding up fast, and still have to buy a new battery after few years

  8. You have a bad battery. You should have figured that out because the should not be much difference in run time with the same size battery. My batteries recharge fully from a completely dead state in less than an hour. I easily get a full hour of mowing too.

  9. The Ryobi mower was unusable after about 5 uses. It always overheats and takes too long to charge. It covered my whole front yard on the first use. But, the overheating drastically messed up the battery. Lately, not even able to mow half of my lawn at full charge. I returned it to home depot and just got a Honda gas mower. Much better now.

  10. Comparing battery Amp-hours versus running time isn't correct, unless both mowers use the same battery voltage.

    It's Watt-hours that you should compare. Watt-hours = Volts x Amp-hours. 40V @ 5Ah = 200 Wh; whereas 56V @ 5Ah = 280 Wh.

    The advantage with higher voltage mowers is that the electric motor has a lot more Power (Watts) to mow with… which has a direct translation to HP (horsepower) since 1 HP = 745.7 Watts. This is why the best mowers now use 80V batteries/motors.

    In the end, if you have more Power (in Watts or HP) to mow with, it will pull less Current from the battery, increasing run-time.

  11. I have decided to stop burning gasoline and polluting every time I cut the lawn. Making the decision to purchase a new battery lawn mower didn't come easy. Your review is extremely helpful. Thank you.

  12. those only for the small yard to use, less powerful than gas, longer grass will decrease the run time, if u got big yard or live in fl better not to buy them, pain in the neck, trust me, I own ego for over half year already and that is my feeling about electric mower.

  13. I just bought the Ego 21” self propelled 7.5 Ah mower for $500 from Home Depot online.
    They ship the battery separately, 3-5 days later though. Why? 🤔

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    What's on your mind, Andrew?



    Andrew Rikarts
    24 mins ·
    Ever think about buying an EGO mower, blower, string trimmer? If so, consider this.. I'll give you a HUGE reason not to buy these.. I bought the mower, the string trimmer and the blower.. all are great when they work… mower stopped working, Home Depot is the "repair" place. They can't fix them in the store like they can a gas mower so they send it Georgia repair facility.. goodbye for 4-6 weeks… No what the actual F*** am I supposed to do in the meantime?!? in Florida, in the summer when we have to cut sometimes twice per week.. Well Home Depot to the rescue, they will rent me a gas mower. FFS. Had I known they wouldn't even give me a free rental.. The Ego support guy had the nerve to say this is common with all technology and liken it to a Tesla.. I quickly told him that my local Tesla dealer would be able to fix it on site and they would sure as F*** give me a loaner in the meantime… #HomeDepot #EGO don't do it!

  15. Just saying but I have the original 40v brushed Ryobi mower….i am able to mow both my front and back yard…on one 40v battery and I have a larger than average yard….the battery never has overheated…..i have never used the Ego…i assume it's probably.better but the price point fornthe ryobi is much better…i have had this mower 3 years no issues…..

  16. I have the Ego and I have to say it a beast especially with the blower it's like a wind storm, well worth it. Dat battery charges so fast by the time I finish putting away my equipment its done charging. Not going to lie while charging the fans in the charger get really loud for the 1st little bit but no big deal , worth every penny. The weed wacker is ok but not the greatest, but all an all it's worth the money 💰.

  17. How long to these batteries last before they're degraded to the point that run times is too short. The thing about a gas tank is that it doesn't get smaller over time.

    Wondering if the cost of oil, spark plugs, and air filters adds up to the cost of a new battery every few years.

  18. Thank you for the very thorough and detailed review of these two mowers. One topic that I didn't see discussed was the replacement costs of the batteries. Since these are consumable items, they will eventually need to be replaced. I did a bit of internet mining and found that the replacement (or spare depending on your needs) battery cost can tip the scales toward the Ryobi. Unless someone knows a more affordable source for the EGO, the he 5AH EGO battery is significantly more expensive than the Ryobi battery ($220 vs $140).

  19. This was a great review, thanks. I bought a Ryobi 20" 40V self-propelled mower yesterday and wasn't able to do more than about 15mins and very little of my lawn as it had to be pushed before the blade would start moving (when I called Ryobi they told me it should & told me to take it back to Home Depot) and only then would it allow me to put into self-propelled mode – very frustrating process which slowed me down and after 15-20 mins I'd had enough of it.

    I just came to try to start it today and it hardly moved, the battery was showing only one green light and I have to put it on the charge again. I only have 1/5 acre but my feelings, at this time, are that I'll go out again with the battery is fully charged and if I cannot finish my lawn I'll take it back to Home Depot and get an EGO. It's a pity because I have other Ryobu tools but no EGO tools – yet.

  20. Since the ryobi batteries seem to get overworked easier and with high heat warnings, these batteries will have short lives and need to be replaced a lot more often than the ego setup. That would make cost of ownership higher than ego if you have to replace batteries.

  21. 1:07 that's not how batteries work. you can't compare the amp hour of a 40V system to a 56V system. Otherwise, you might wonder how its possible I have a battery in the palm of my hand that is rated at 10AH, but that's because its at 2V. You have to compare watt-hour, not amp hour. Watts is amps x voltage, so a 5 amp hour 56V will be 280 watt hours of energy and 5 amp hour 40V will be 200 watt hours, so the EGO would have a 40% higher capacity battery even when they are the same amp hour.

  22. The Ego looks as if it's built more "heavy duty". Ball bearing wheels are a an absolute must. I have 40v brushless 21" Ryobi. This is my second mowing season with it.
    A: The grass bag falls off way to easily.
    B: Wheels squeak annoyingly non stop even though frequently sprayed with WD40 or another lubricant.
    C: Left side clamp that holds the handle in place once it's extended is not staying in place. It's releasing while I'm mowing.
    D: Mower has begun shutting off when it's moved in a sliding fashion like when butting up flush against house/fence.
    E: Charge time is ludicrous. About 3 hours if fully drained. I bought a second battery ($140) but wished I'd bought battery w/charger pack.

    While I really like it & enjoy the convenience, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting another Ryobi mower. It's my first battery operated mower so I'm viewing this as a learning experience as I continue to monitor other companies' battery operated mowers. Ryobi has a great 5 year warranty but mower handles don't feel like they'll last 5 years.

  23. Each of the 5 amp*hour batteries were not equivalent. Amp hour is not a unit of energy. Amp hour can only be used when comparing batteries of the same voltage. To approximate energy, multiply by voltage. It will be weird units of Amp*hour*volts, but can be used for comparison purposes.

  24. Dude..
    …..this is the best REAL WORLD mower comparison I've seen ..and I've seen a few….nice job
    I can also add …I purchased the EGO 21" ….love it, Sturdy, Powerful, Charges quickly, Battery has staying power….best mower I've used…very happy with it.

  25. hi.. great Review.. I will try to explain my price comparison comment…. Did you or anyone mention that  in the review when commenting on the price comparison that you stated that the EGO was  priced at $549, but is that with a 7.5AH Battery??…..ie you said you reduced the battery size from 7.5AH tp 5 AH but did you take into account the 5AH price difference which probably would have resulted in at least a $50 price drop on the SP model bringing it to under $500USD…… its hard to come to a point of how much reduction in price should be taken into account with both mowers being a package deal.. ie mower charger and battery….  in Australia there is a $110  difference between the 7.5AH and the 5AH battery, and  that would make the mowers more close on the price point, or have I missed something at the start or at any other time … fosss

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