Justin Trudeau speaks about pot pardon process as marijuana legalized in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018 that the pardon process for people who received sentences for simple marijuana …


  1. Back off or lose the next election Conservatives. Cons did all they could to slow the process and now want to complain about it! Canadian's have been ready for legalization for 20 years. Problems only government could create, they say? Oh the hypocrisy! Prohibition and government FORCE has caused far more harm than the plant ever did! Back off or lose the next election Conservatives! Maxime Bernier PPC for next Prime Minister.

  2. Big disappointment about this news…although lots of people using this drug but they are encouraging more people to use cannabis just for the Canada's economy how ridiculous..legalized soon the meth.

  3. It's ruining young generations brain how could they get a good respect if they're high on this kin d of drug if they will become a public servant. How we believe if someone running the nation a drug addict.

  4. Happy Legalization Day Canada..
    The end of prohibition of Cannabis, and the persecution of The People of Canada..
    Today Oct. 17 2018, We The People made change against a corrupt political campaign which incarcerated, demonized, and oppressed The People, locking The People in cages, destroying their lives, suppressing a "Weed/Plant", that is free and natural with "multiple beneficial resources", from our Mother Earth, put here to benefit humanity, and belonging to mankind…

  5. He never got my vote last election and he will not be getting it Oct 2019. The fools only care about weed. This PM looked at an injured Canadian soldier and told him "veterans ask for too much". His views on islamic terrorism are stupid and naive. His love affair with the UN and his image. Carbon taxes. His interview with the NY Times back in 2015 claiming Canada has no core identity or mainstream culture. The acceptance of extremist islamic culture into Canada. etc etc….He's a god damn fool.

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