Midas Letter RAW 76: Bruce Linton CEO of Canopy Growth & Macroeconomic/Cannabis Commentary

Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. Ed Milewski and Steve Misener, CFA provides comprehensive …


  1. Job Well Done, Ed …… James Who? LOL oh oh on vacation need a little more Vacation you say James ? That's okay. Ed's here take all the vacation you want James Ed's here!!!! LOL. …….. Just a little joke James West
    but enjoy you vacation out west. But really Ed did a really good job as host today!!!

  2. Wow…great information..very interesting….well presented..everyone interested in the news about cannabis should watch…nice to learn about non-cannabis stock company that is doing really well..Patriot One Technology..its going up like a rocket and has super, super growth prospects…I am all in on Patriot…great video…Troy in Texas

  3. Never seen this host Fraser James. He was good. Seemed a little nervous but with more experience I could really see him being a good interviewer. Just has to work on his questions and be a bit more personal. His questioning went way off topic near the end too.

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