3 days until legalization, WHAT WILL HAPPEN? AURORA CANNABIS and TGOD interview w/DC

Departures Capital and Investing Hustler discuss what might happen on the 17th for legalization! Let us know what you guys think in the comments. Thanks for …


  1. TGOD down Aurora decided to let their relationship with that expire. Invest in CRYPTOS too . Cannabis and Cryptos . 20 years ago was told for pennies .38 buy SIRIUS Satellite Radio 😥 invested now but at $6

  2. ACB is king of cannabis according to performance and things going around it might take place of Tilray hit $100 sooner or later coz there are big investors who want it to be on NYSE more who knows they had plans with coke KO .once they hit market Coke will have good chunks of steak from acb after ,However if coke buys it lotta people going to invest in it automatically so no doubt it’s a best bet and fortune changer,they have plans to work In Europe and Australia and many more.Good luck every body

  3. Love the collaboration, I agree that those QTY earnings after legalization will definitely create a craze into investment or scare off short term investors but they will surely be watched very closely. I strongly believe that the main 4-5 large companies will do well however the smaller ones will struggle to stay afloat but there is enough of the pie to go around. Also there are rumblings of new legislation to declassify cannabis in the U.S. which will open incredible possibilities in earnings.

  4. Love the swing trades. That's 9-5 money. This indice will only grow soo, it's safe to play. The comment about the house of entrepreneurs I would be interested in. I think there is a path to get there. There is one factor that is extremely important we need to find out. It will be either a "POT" of gold or bust in the long run. What's your emails?

  5. I think ACBs decision regarding TGOD is baked in….at least thats my hope. I may buy more tomorrow if it drops further. Expecting a green day sector wide but as we all know its hard to predict and I wouldnt be surprised by a red day sector wide. I just hope FOMO kicks in like I hope it will. Cannot see a huge sell off but retail investors get spooked easily. Long ACB!!!

  6. For all the pot stocks, I feel like they aren’t going to blow up at this point. They’ve already had their run(most companies, some are still waiting for their moment), and now people are waiting to see how this whole thing unfolds. If the forward P/E’s remain true, we will do really well, if things flip, it’ll be ugly.

  7. Definitely like how Aurora’s chart looks not shooting up like crazy and it’s had a steady growth from when it was valued down at 4.21. Though I know it’s not everything charts do show the general pattern of a companies stock

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