1. I have bad anxiety and depression and have been on two different medications that I feel have been more harm than good. I’m trying to taper off of those and go a more natural route and the few times that I have had CBD it has calmed me down significantly. This oil if I get chosen would help me on a more healthier alternative to overcoming my anxiety. As a college student, products like CBD can be pricey so I would truly appreciate being chosen!

  2. Please consider me for the giveaway. I've had some health concerns for the last year or so, with no diagnosis from doctors other than costochondritis. It causes IBS, muscle spasms on my left side mostly and pain that feels like heart and lung problems. I've had numerous tests done that were inconclusive and have racked up a hefty hospital bill. I just want some relief already. None of the over the counter pain creams, antacids, or even essential oils have worked. I feel like I'm living at 80% work efficiency and mood most of the time, yet still have a very fruitful life to live with some very big plans. Please help if you can. If your product helps me, I'd be more than willing to invest in a plan to continue treatment. I just want to be at 100% again and feel like I've hit a wall for finding the right medicine. Thanks. ☮️❤️😊 ~Jeremy

  3. I would use CBD currently for my heart palpitations generating from my anxiety. I generated this condition due to trama undealt with as a child, which developed into something much bigger as I got older. I am currently in my life and number six, which right now is the year of revealing for me. I knew as time went on I was going to have to deal with this condition. I wasn't expecting it to hit me the way I did earlier this year and a lot of new challenges has come my way. Luckily I don't have a limited perspective, so I'm looking at the challenges as opportunities to grow. I would like to say that I love you Earth Mama. Me and my girlfriend binge watch you and also go to sleep with your videos playing in the background. Please give Matt & Roomy a big hello from me and my girlfriend.

    ☮❤& positivity.

  4. I would absolutely LOVE to win the CBD oil you both are offering. I have had a nagging inkling of depression/anxiety all of my life, but in the last two years it has been at the forefront of my everyday life. In the last four years, I have tried to elevate in all ways – physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. I lost a ton of weight, completely changed my eating habits, and could feel a shift in my spirit and energy. Twas a lovely time. Roughly 2 – 2.5 years ago, I suffered a pretty bad head injury that caused me to have a seizure and crack my skull (it's a long story). From a physical standpoint, I'm A1, but slowly since then, each day has been a challenge for me to do my every day life tasks or even communicate with family and friends. My depression/anxiety has taken over and I have essentially alienated myself from most people. I honestly just thought that the anxiety and depression was linked to childhood traumas, but only recently did I read somewhere that head injuries can be the cause of people becoming engulfed in such a deep pool of intense anxiety, fear, depression, and sadness. Smoking weed used to be light and fun, but has only made my anxiety worse if I smoke a certain strain. Seeking counseling is something that I am looking into as we speak, but I have also heard that CDB is a great tool to aid in decreasing mental issues. I'm simply looking to elevate my soul, spirit, and energy to be the great human being I was put on this earth to be.

    V-money – I so look forward to your videos and rewatch old ones to help ease the angst. You and the boo are super enjoyable to watch and you're great teachers. I feel like after watching your videos, I learn something new and find myself researching things that you mention and purchasing them to help elevate myself. Even if I do not win this awesome prize, I will forever be grateful for you and Beau for taking the time out in educating us on the wonders of CDB.

    Bliss and blessings boo. Thank you <3

  5. I couldn’t have stumbled on this video at a better time. I have seen cbd oil everywhere and my friend even recommended it to me the other day. I would use it to help with menstrual cramps and overall physical pain. Thank you for this informative video, very much appreciated 🙏🏼

  6. Thank you so much for taking your time to break this down for us viewers. As always, your videos are always beautiful and bright. I would love to try CBD oil and would love to use it for my hands. I'm a 22 year old that messed up my hands at work 2 years ago, they wrongfully terminated me, was able to get justice but because I was in a difficult situation I used my money to live instead of taking the surgery that I had to pay and it was reaaaally expensive anyway. Turning vegan has helped, doing the yoga stretches help too but I don't remember how it feels like to not feel throbbing, cramping, tingling, numbness, all over my hands, fingers, and sometimes arms. After all the explaining and uses for CBD I would love to try it. Sending love and joy back <3 xx

  7. GIVEAWAY ENTRY I suffer from anxiety, depression and PCOS. I’ve been interested in CBD for a while to try and naturally combat my health issues…but truthfully it’s pretty pricey for me to buy at the moment and take the chance of it possibly not work. 🤷🏾‍♀️ As a single mom to an asthmatic 5 y/o…his needs come first and that leaves little room for experimenting. If I’m able to win a bottle I can see if this truly helps my symptoms as they are getting worse…especially the anxiety…and hopefully be able to invest in this product on the regular for a healthier lifestyle for the both of us. 💕 So thanks for the knowledge and this awesome opportunity! 👍🏾👏🏾🙏🏾🙂

  8. Awesome interview!!! As a former but occasional user of the cannabis plant for pain and the occasional anxiety cbd oil is the best replacement when working in a factory that does drug testing! Love the plant and it’s something I’m very passionate about! Voting for legalization in Michigan this coming month! 🤞

  9. Ive been using CBD products for about 2 years now. I deal with chronic pain from a bad epidural and black mold exposure. Years later I have nerve damage, anxiety(GAD) and depression..etc. I have found that CBD oil and THC work well together to give me the relief I need to get through the day. Not only do I use CBD oil but my husband and our children use it. I see such a positive change when we are all on CBD every day. I know for my self if I'm not on CBD for a while my nerves and muscles with start to suffer, and then I go down the rabbit hole of all my other symptoms popping up. I have tried other forms of CBD but I will agree with this video that using Full spectrum CBD oils orally are the best way to get relief. When living with chronic pain, using CBD daily gives me a since of hope for my future. Great video and very informative! Thanks for this giveaway!

  10. I'm living in the UK, have CRPS, actively facilitating my own holistic recovery, the mother plant is central to my regeneration. Do you post to the UK? Your ethos of cultivation speaks volumes to me, I'd love to try your produce.
    Sending you all love from across the pond xx
    I use CBD Brother's, and home made cannaoil xxx

  11. Thank you for sharing! I’d love to try CBD oil. My husband is in the military and I struggle with anxiety while he’s a way. I’m interested to see how CBD oil can benefit me especially while he’s gone. Awesome video!

  12. CBD loveeeee!! Since starting to use CBD it has allowed me to keep my calm in stressful situations in day to day life activities, I’ve used it during the stressful school year and it has helped immensely! Peace and blessings

  13. Sleep interrupted by anxiety and a messed up cortisol cascade has been such a struggle for me for years, and I would be endlessly grateful if nuleaf CBD could help me sleep thru the night. Bless!

  14. I been using thc fir my migraine headaches for over a year but I haven’t use cbd yet. I have been looking forward to trying it. I researched cbd a little while ago I know the great Benefits it has. I think everything green and from nature is good for the body 😉😊

  15. First of I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your channel. Thanks for putting out great content. I have been LIVING with recurrent (incurable) ovarian cancer for the past four years. In addition to western medicine, I try to live a holistic lifestyle. I'm diligent about only using western medicine when absolutely necessary. I discovered the benefits of CBD about two years ago. Cancer comes with many challenges. I use CBD oil for chronic pain, anxiety, sleep and nausea. I no longer use pharmaceutical drugs for any of these ailments. I'm also confident that CBD will slow down tumor growth. After enduring two surgeries and going through chemo three different times in the past four years, I just want to return to what's pure and natural. I would really like to be one of the fortunate winners in this giveaway, because CBD has helped me continue to LIVE and THRIVE.

  16. I’ve been a religious user of CBD for about two years now. I have a topical rub that I use for aches and pain. I use cbd isolate for teas before bed to help sleep and when I’m just feeling a little anxious. CBD has truly changed my life. I used to take medication for sleep, anxiety and pain that just made me feel like absolute crap. After being introduced to cbd I haven’t needed any of those pills. It’s truly been a godsend and this giveaway you’re doing is amazing!! Thank you guys 💜

  17. I want to buy CBD so that i can give it to my little brother who has Down syndrome and autism in order to keep him healthy and calm. He gets sick often so I feel like a daily dose of cbd could help balance and improve his immune system and body in general. He also has a hard time sleeping and waking up in the mornings for work. He has many other health issues and I am soooo confident cbd could help him. My mom would greatly benefit from this as well, since she is a single mom taking care of my brother full time.. I absolutely loved this video! Would love to be able to get them some of these products 💕😭

  18. I will use CBD oil to help holistically with my chemical imbalances. Currently i struggle with anxiety and depression, I smoke cannabis to help me live a functional life and I consume certain herbs. I do a ton of research on how to live my best life without the harmful medication i was given when i was younger. That medication made my problems even worst but now that I consume plants and im aware of what i put into my body it has helped. I will use CBD oil to help me in my journey even further and hopefully stop me from smoking all together. Happy world mental health day. Bless ❤

  19. Not even going to enter the giveaway, rather allow someone else who can not afford it to get it for free. My mom has MS, RA, and a long list of other neurological disorders! And depression/anxiety on top of it. I am going to order this for her in hopes of relieving some of that pain. Thanks for sharing 💛

  20. Beautiful video! I have never tried CBD but have always wanted to as I suffer from anxiety. All my life I’ve been told that I need to talk more and “open up” which always brought my self-esteem down. I’ve recently been doing a lot of self work which has really helped but I still struggle with my anxiety around large groups of people especially people I don’t know. As I can’t really afford to buy this CBD it would be great if my first experience was with an amazing brand and product! Much love <3

  21. when people ask if marijuana has helped me, the answer is always YES a thousand times over. It has replaced any prescription i could consider taking. I've been smoking it for a few years now and am looking towards healthier alternatives. THANK YOU FOR SHARING this info and opportunity with us! Love and Light <3

  22. I'd love to try CBD to relieve some of my anxiety. I've always been a nail biter which is most likely due to anxiety. It would be nice to have healthy natural nails instead of covering them with acrylic nails all the time 😂

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