1. Theres a number of videos here on youtube. That demos a untensil holder modified so you can use it in conjunction with this systen. Its pretty cool especially if your trying to go low profile.

  2. The green cup when you have hot coffee you never burn your lips the metal cups you burn your lips everybody I’ve seen on here that does a review on the Stanley cup that says ordered from away the green cup are very good

  3. I got that same kit. I also bought the pot set too. Good for fiancee and I. Got a pot, 2 bowls with lids/cutting boards and a foldable ladle and spatula. Was just thinking of reviewing it in my channel. Great review man. New sub

  4. It works well on the pocket-rocket, jet boil stoves. But I find it works well with my DIY fancee feest alcohol stoves. These are great when it comes to making an adapted nesting cook kit set. I picked up another to keep in my car for day hikes when I'm not hammock camping.

  5. I put one green cup, my folding gas burner, matches, a lighter and a bandana inside the green cup, then invert a small butane/propane can on top. It all fits inside the Stanley system. Then I put the Stanley in a GSI cup and put it all into a red bag like yours.

    Great idea on replacing the green plastic tab. That's the next upgrade for me.

  6. I have the Stanley, and I do like it, but for just about the same price I can get a Pathfinder bottle cup and lid, which allows me to add goodies they Stanley can't handle, such as the Pathfinder nesting stove that will work with wood or alcohol. You can also drop a Pathfinder alcohol stove down inside it, and be ready for anything.

    But just on a pot to pot basis, I think the Pathfinder does a far better job, and at a pretty much identical price point. The Pathfinder cup holds twenty-five ounces, and you can use it as a hanging pot with no modifications. You can add items to it as needed, including a carry bag or just use it as is and be complete enough to take a pretty decent trip.

  7. have not done any triangle hanging pot cooking with it yet but a great idea you got there. I love functional stuff when it comes to camping. This thing is a winner hands down.

  8. Great video with authentic detail. Amusing that someone who claims to be an experienced camper is so bothered by bugs and heat. Maybe a bit more time in the gym — and lose the Rambo look — you do not pull it off. Not even close.

  9. This is a great cook set, been using it for years. Stanley could do one thing to make it perfect: Stamp the measurements on the side so they can read on the inside. As you look inside the can, the measurements are backwards. I know it's easy enough to learn the measurements, but it's just one small detail that would show a bit of care put into the product.

    Other than that, I recommend it. Cheap and versatile. Can't go wrong.

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