‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery on looming legalization

Marc Emery is Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Pot,’ and cannabis legalization has long been his cause, but with recreational marijuana becoming legal next …


  1. This guy may be a petit-bourgeois reformist hero and true 'point-man' for weed — but of course he speaks WORLDS of sense over you CBC and 'Official' regime lot.
    Pretty much EVERYTHING he counsels here should be your [bourgeois capitalist] 'Law of the Land'[sic].

  2. With all the pot that's going to be consumed in Canada, everyone will be smarter, everyone will drive better, and no one will ever get sick again. (This is based on the testimonials of the connoisseurs of pot that I read on CBCNews when the debate for legalization was in full swing.)

  3. Wonderful to hear from you, Marc! I only met you once down in Lethbridge but I appreciated your words about the community, and the podcast at city hall was awesome. I'm just about to start my career in the cannabis industry at a local dispensary, exciting times but there will still be many challenges.

  4. marc is a true hero. justin said legalize but never supported the people that voted him in. the people have been excluded by the x narc bill blaire never fair. i will vote for maxime bernier in the next election for free enterprise. tu gare

  5. Not a fan of Marc Emery…. he's not about compassion at all… money, money, money is all he's after.
    There Is much more to Marijuana/Hemp…. that what he stands for.

  6. It's going to depend on how much the federal, state and local governments tax legal pot … and can be sure they're going to squeeze growers, distributors, shop owners and consumers for all they can get out of them … pot's taxed at 35% to 65% in California … will be interesting to see how much Canada's greedy politicians are going to want.

  7. The BCLDB put up prices on their website – double the street price.

    If it's not $3/gm + tax you might as well support your neighborhood instead of being ripped off and putting your neighbor out of business.

  8. It's obvious this system was setup to fail. they still want their harassment tool. They still want to be able to seize people's houses cars and cash under the civil forfeiture act. You can buy an ounce now for under 100 bucks and they want $300 or more. You get 1 oz per plant 4 plants that's 4 oz's. What are you going to do for the other 8 months? Hydroponics? That brings the price up pretty high. You have to keep the lights on year round because you can't grow a years supply at once. Have you seen a hydro bill? The only way to make it legal is to legalize it. They are setting this up following the firearms model. So many regulations that change randomly, nobody can possibly know what's legal. Open to interpretation for harassment. Impractical so everyone is illegal and open to harassment at any time. This entire scheme was set up so that they keep their harassment device and the legal system fails so that they can go back to prohibition. In one form or another.

  9. Pretty much nothing said by this man was correct in terms of his health claims. He is typical of marijuana boosters – it's good for everything; it fixes everything. His claims around dementia are not just unproven, they are dis-proven! Similarly, the claims of young people using cannabis being a neutral/harmless are absolutely dis-proven. When you are considering using this substance, get your information from legitimate medical sites, not from someone who is self-admittedly biased.

  10. Born and raised in Montreal….everyone I know that was smoking in the sixties, continued doing so until now. And most have been growing their own for a long long time…..so, ain't gonna spend any money in any outlet that sells cannabis at outrageous prices, claiming their product is pure and free from pesticides.
     Mine is…..and that I can bet on. And at ten cents a gram, it's hard to beat.

  11. Sad to see Canada turn into a nation of addicts. How will you compete academically? The world's to academically advanced nations all ban this. You would poison your own for cash. Such a pity.

  12. Price point will be the main issue 3$ a gram isn't gonna do it for most. Make it 30 cents a gram and the street market would be dead. But government didn't legalize because it was the correct thing to give people the freedom of choice, they did it solely for a revenue increase.
    So no it will not stop the average person from buying from a buddy as it's currently structured.

  13. Um I'm on the side of cannabis legalization but there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support thc stopping alztimers or dementia. I get how it could help with certain neurologic problems but we haven't been able to do proper meta studies to prove that statement which I find miss leading for people.

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