1. woooowwww I get it!! we make our own tree of life an u eat from it and u will never get sick or die cause the earth sustains life an those melons are made by you from u and for u I get it smdh this is deep!!! thanks agin reflection I love mycellf!!

  2. our heritage, our ancient ancestors discovered that vegan human waste contains our dead skin cells & other micro organisms which attract flies which then alight our food & spread disease.

    our ancestors composted our waste by covering it & allowing the soil to breakdown & decompose without transferring maggots & germs to our fresh food supply.

    we have to re-invent the wheel because the ancient wisdom & practices have been lost to us…

  3. no wonder y I. love watermelon. ..The 8 vitamins play an important role in keeping the body running well oiled machine. ..the essential nutrients help convert energized through the day. …eye love my self. ..Now let me go spot my tree out….Giving thanks

  4. I'm going to be BLUNT…I feel like you have cult leader like tendencies however aside from that you are a great person. I read a lot of negative things about you but you have literally opened my eyes and made me aware of things I never knew existed. You have some valid facts point blank period you are the truth no matter what your intentions are. I want to not like you but I don't know you so…. I love mycellf!

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