1. This is not a kids movie I swear. Scampers suicidal and you can see him hanging at the graveyard in the beginning. Heidi tries to give out a poster with a cat hanging itself. Adult references like "Women problems". Shaudenfraud or how ever you spell it, says he wants to shove a pickle where the sun doesnt shine when he talks mess about Malby. Theres little gore like limbs cut from scamper and other things. Scamper gets his head blown out by a card. Malby threatens Igor saying hes gonna use his hunch as a speedbump…not great imagery for children😂 Jacqueline calls shaudenfraud daddy…….Yea Im done for now, theres way more but i cant think of em rn. This cant be a kids movie😂

  2. Worth it level:
    Free on YouTube? Yes. Subscription On Netflix? Yes. Paid for In theaters? No.

    This movie isn't bad, it's just very predictable. It's foreshadowing seemed a bit too heavy, which might be so younger kids can catch onto it. It's score is pretty good, gets the job done, it's use of licensed songs wasn't intrusive. The design of everything, most especially characters, was pretty good. The comedy is only okay however, Brain just isn't a very good comic relief, his jokes often failed to land most of the time, and in the beginning he just seemed annoying. Cinematography and composition was fine. Overall a competently made film. It would make sense to me if this was the animation studio's first or second major project, which if that's the case, good going.

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