How To Make 99% PURE CBD Crystals

Okay so here is the slightly updated version of how to make CBD crystals! Henry included a little bit more information about the process, however it does get a …


  1. You say that for purity you need to pass it through the column multiple times, does that mean you put new sand in the column each time? Otherwise you are passing your clean(er) material through the contamination again or am I missing something?

  2. im new to the marjuana chemistry. so let me see if i got this straight. you exract oil from buds. then used a distill water in a tube. put sand at the bottom. cover it up put air pressure so the mirco of cbd goes thru the sand. the liquid in the glass cup is cbd? so what about THC? how do you take it out without getting sand on it?

  3. If you use a refillable K-cup ( pod ) and remove the heating coil. You can then put your sand in the cup and the liquid exrtac in where the water would normally go. Repeat this process twice with pure ethanol to remove all remaining C.B.D's.

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