Home Grow S1|E18 Preparing For Legalization In Canada.

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  1. CANVAS…in the future…you can buy Painters Tarps that are made out of canvas cheaper than fabric store canvas. I've even made a tent with it, bags, purses, etc. There is 'sizing' in the canvas that should be washed out.

  2. Heights Chef, Making Your own bags is a good idea, but cotton duck canvas will mildew, mold, and rot. Landscape fabric works better. Thanks for all of Your work, respect.

  3. Yes Chef,This was a Nice Show Wanted to Maybe Give Ya a Tip, Next Time Make it with the P V C in the Bag ,Not on the Outside ,This will Help the bed Stay Square since the Bag/bed will always want to go in all the time Hope this is Making Sense to Ya along with the Material, You might next time go with a Darker Color to and a Canvas Type a Harder type material. Chef you did good on this one like how you are Having your Son Over & Spending Time With Him & Each Other Thank You Sir..

  4. You might get light leaks in the tent from the room if your leaving the fan to vent into the room with that short a vent, damn venting tubing is so shinny it reflects everything, it should be coloured black on the inside to help mitigate the problem but they all seam to be shinny on the inside for some reason.

  5. Chef was the only grow channel not taken down a few months back. Poor youtube employee didnt have the heart to shut him down😊 keep growing chef!

  6. One man disco tent, listening to the song , I wanna get high by Cypress hill.
    I always use rain water right through the growth , is that tap water ? And what do you do about a possible over water / drainage ?

  7. Chef DB just a little information for u I used one of them fans about 3 years ago and it would get very hot and mine had burned up lucky I was home when it did to put it out ….not to say yes will but I would definitely keep a eye on it please…..and thanks for all the videos much love in the garden brother and as always safe and happy growing ✌✌🍃🍃

  8. What a complete and utter waste of internet space. His vids are going down hill FAST. Not a hater, just being honest. If you dont like my honesty get your sorry arse back to facebook with the rest of the snowflakes. (You're welcome)

  9. I went with seed as i find its best for my situation cloning the best gene real quick and strong growth 11 weeks veg 50ltr plus rizo pot 23ltr rizo for cut lest than 2 half weeks veg from 1st day it was cut of mother like week in dome then new pot then flowers

  10. Hey chef I cant wait to see how plants do with led as i dont know how they will.take to the lite spec i find t5s are cool so maybe it simular to each other

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