Federal Cannabis Reform in 2019?

White House to unveil federal cannabis reform ‘very soon,’ says GOP lawmaker…. The White House is planning on tackling cannabis reform after the midterm …


  1. We have 8 or 10 pot stores in our town and it seems like they're pushing it everywhere I don't want my kids being influenced by this crap it should be controlled to the pharmacies not pushed everywhere on the street and in your face I don't like the smell of it I don't want to have to have a contact high so to me it should be a little bit more controlled

  2. Jeff Sessions got high one time and flipped out he said, bugs were crawling all over him and his frat brothers, locked him in this gym locker now he's after all those pot head's to lock them up like they did him, the keebler elf has a problem with small places, he's so short he tried to sue the county for building the sidewalks to close to his ASS!

  3. The sentiment is there but pot is already owned by the Zionists, the same as the pharmaceutical companies which will continue to give us the gmo toxic crap weed that f's you up and causes addiction. The only hope is state by state full legalization and a return to growing it with your tomatoes as no big deal. I do believe that president trump will do what's best for the people, it has to be our choice.

  4. He'll fire RR, I still dont think he fires sessions. Trump bashes on sessions so the media is on his side, and then when sessions starts rounding them up, they can't wish for trump to fire him

  5. Maybe it would mellow out the dimms before the election. 😉 I did hear this a week ago. Peeps can have 4 plants on their property, at a time. Not bad. It would cut the Illegal sales…or most of them.

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