Cannabis News – Canadian Legalization Moves Forward | Ep. 20 | 12-01-2017

Joe Klare discusses the latest on legalization’s progress in Canada, what San Francisco wants to do about recreational marijuana and new opposition to …


  1. Conservatives are the root of the problem. They implement and maintain oppressive laws. Bill Blair is part of the problem. But Trudeau doesn't understand justice like a real liberal. So the laws remain oppressive and unreasonable.
    Woman's issues he has no problem understanding. With justice however, the Constitution only count's if you sue . And everyone else is a criminal. Strange coming from the son of a man which created the best parts of the Constitution. No I'm sorry conservatives have absolutely nothing to offer society. It's the combination of a larger more active amygdala, and a smaller less active anterior cingulate cortex. This is the prodlem. Studies over the last twenty seven years have shown , the amygdala region of the brain , is the area that processes thoughts of fear and aggression, fight or flight. Conservatives have a larger more active amygdala. The anterior cingulate cortex, is the area that separates us from the animals. This gives us our humanity, compassion, critical thinking. Conservatives have a smaller less active anterior cingulate cortex. So it's the combination of the two. When you apply for a job. You must be qualified to do the job . In the United States , five different states are trying to pass bills so you can drive through a crowd of protesters.
    Conservative brain V,S liberal brain.

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