BUYING 8 OF THE SAME WEED STRAIN – (Why Strain Names Don’t Really Matter)

So today I thought i’d try something a little bit different, and break down some basic cannabis growing knowledge, to kind of explain why it’s hard to choose your …


  1. I had some brass knuckles and now I got bronchitis and I blame them for it. It tasted like chemical and artificial try hard terps in it. It was forbidden fruit and was just awful… never buying them again. Ever. I only got them since I’m on east coast and thought it would be good from west coast. God damn I was wrong

  2. This will probably get buried but I just gotta say that I’ve been watching Josh’s videos since last year and they absolutely improved my knowledge with cannabis. Anyway one thing that I’ve never done even after watching over 100 episodes is I’ve never smoked with him and so today I had a good day at work and I decided “fuck it, lemme smoke with josh.” Imagine my surprise when I decide to take a hit at the same length of him and I absolutely die only for him to say normal people shouldn’t take that rip. I’m so fucking high right now. Sorry won’t be able to grammar or spell check. Love y’all

  3. A majority of stuff I can agree with some not so much, also what you said about only taking big rips for YT ain't true if I don't take big bong rips I feel like I'm wasting bud. Idk all preference and i guess if itwhat works for ya then who cares everyone's different. Appreciate the details lots of weed channels lack in depth looks and just skim over the basics

  4. Sorry man but you got it wrong, phenotyping does not come from external attrabutes but from the genetics of the plant itself, you can grow muliple plants of the same strain in the exact same conditions right down to soil an nutrients,an you will get amix of different phonos of that plant , speaking from experience with the plant

  5. Josh thank you for giving that little speech about how Youtubers take bong rips to "act". I feel like when I first started smoking I was definitely influenced or pressured to take massive rips when I first started watching weedtubers because I just thought thats the proper way to rip the bong. Thank you for not only saying you support cannabis education but actually teaching it.

  6. Yo Josh! Can you do a review of the "G-Pro" dry herb pen? looking to maybe cop one but I don't want to fork out the dough and have it be trash, and you're credible in your reviews and don't get paid to give good reviews.

  7. Thum personal persons tho… I personally won't buy weed in bags anymore due to the "brick-weed" effect and cause we're way too spoiled to shop like that up here in the PNW lolz. You sound like you know a whole lot more about wine than weed, honestly! Maybe you should be a sommelier, eh? And I've found the only brands pumping out consistent heat are Aurum Farms, Gold Leaf Gardens, and Skörd Marijuana (my personal fav). Never had a bad batch from any one of them. Freddy's kills it as well.

  8. Glad to see you're back. Love this channel. So informative, educational, laid back. Love the scientific side of cannabis. Keep up the awesomeness. I can't stand watching some douche who knows nothing and just gets high as fuck making an ass of themselves. Glad we have channels like this.

  9. Is CBD oil the same way you explain marijuana? I know extraction methods are different but not much else about it. I had to go though about 20 different companies before I found buy legal meds and his stuff is so helpful for me.

  10. Rec stores don’t care, they call it whatever they think will sell. That said, environmental conditions and nutrients can make a huge difference even growing the same cuts.

    If you get a clone it’s way more stable than starting from seeds 👍

  11. Hi Josh. It's good to see you. I gotta say this was a great vid. Prob one of my faves from you. Very informative and entertaining. Everything that makes for a an awesome vid. Hope to see more from you soon.

  12. You misspoke at 5:30. Sativa is not really Afghanica Indica. What most people call Indica today is actually Afghanica because it comes from Afghanistan. Sativa is just Indica because it comes India.

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