WHY YOUR HAIR IS BREAKING OFF | Ways To Reduce breakage

reducebreakage #growhair **New Videos Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm** Hey guys! Today I am talking about why your hair is breaking off. I am also …


  1. Who told you my tips 🀣? Girlllll you is telling the truth about everything in this video because I've been doing this for about a month and they are working out perfect for breakage(my main problem with my hair) . I also learn that heat is not my enemy if I used enough oil. Sometimes the most simple tips makes a huge difference. I love your channel and keep up the great work.

  2. β€œThat ain’t the type of spooky I’m trying to be lmfao β€œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love your videos girl great advice for us growing out our hair and those starting over teaching how to prevent the bad from happening πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ‘Œ

  3. I got box braids for the first time in April. They were big but I noticed it was hurting so bad and I was so paranoid about losing hair. I took them out with the quickness lmaoooo I was not playing no games

  4. I’m guilty of parting my hair in the same place all the time. I’m really going to try to stop that. And I wore low ponytails and buns pretty much all through high school, which destroyed my back edges. I’m trying to be gentle with my front edges, I’ve noticed a little bit of thinning there, too. Thank you for this video, I wish that this kind of info had been available when I was a kid!

  5. Serious question. It may be dumb but would wearing a hat all the time cause breakage? I have to wear a basic ball cap for work and I work 9 hours shifts 5 days out of the week smh. I don't wear the front on my hair I pull it on my forehead because my hairline needs help πŸ˜‚ But could it still be an issue since its there all the time? Or just be drying because it's cotton material.

  6. The spooky comment had me rolling but what i wanna know is how to counter act fairy/single strand knots bc those are the MAIN cause in my breakage. My hair be running off my head when i detangle because of those.

  7. I was so guilty of waiting too long to put some water on this head and I was on the struggle bus with not clipping my ends. I learned the hard way so I’m back to acting like I got the good sense my mama gave me.

  8. yes girl i dont play with my edges at all. i stopped styling them so much i only lay them every now and then. i feel like because of me messing with them a lot it thinned them out. next time i get braids im going to tell the stylist to leave my edges out. these are great very helpful tips.

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