What You Can DO With VAPED Weed + Hive 2.0 Review

Today I’ll show you what you can do with AVB (Already vaporized buds) instead of throwing it away. We’ll also do a vape giveaway and I’ll tell you guys when my …


  1. First-time Watcher good video I just bought the hive 2.0 I paid $20 for mine was very impressed with the kit even came with a little dab tool it works really good I feel the glass e-juice one with cannabis oil and I use wax in the metal one I'm very shocked at how well it does work that's all I can say I also have the Magneto it works really well too but I don't even touch it anymore The Hive 2.0 just works too good

  2. Anyone that thinks this is a waste, hasn't tried it. When vaping you use less bud, and if you save it you get a second round out of it by adding to your food. Chilli, Coconut Curry Chicken, pasta sauce, peanut butter, honey mustard (as a side for sausage rolls) are all excellent ways to get it in your belly. You don't even need to cook it in there, add 1/4 teaspoon to 1.5 teaspoons to your serving.

  3. The weed club I got to in Barcelona has loads of vaporizers and people using them ,, in one night I could gather about quarter of a pound of vaped weed ,, mmm my mind boggles could this be free Pot ? if I take the time to gather , Happy days , I wonder if I can make weed oil with this stuff ??? coconut oil at the ready ,, a low 200 /220 cooking should do it Lol x

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