1. These FKN people?? ASS HATS!!!!! Hear me out here Lovey……
    If it's NOT done at the federal level …..it's a mf'ing TRICK!! 10th amendment went bye-bye w/ the end of the not-so "Civil War" I smell an end-run around the 2A ~ it's what has been goin' down out west, those morons in TX are only "on board" now b/c…..well……they've recently ironed out all the 'kinks'~~the 3-4 states out west were test cases!! Several ppl lost their "Right to bear arms"…..no joke!!
    Maybe I'm crazy but…..It "feels" like the bastards are flipping the parties AGAIN!! Check this out—->>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le4IhsUE-6k&index=46&list=PLvmCsH33TrM_E471xQLBvzkbdQmi3UlDV&bpctr=1539231713
    The "Neo-Cons" are vewy, vewy scarwy!!

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