Solo: A Star Wars Story

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an epic action adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the …


  1. Im a Trump loving conservative who loves Star Wars and its sad to see how this film took a hit because of the sjw shit storm TLJ. This movie was actually a great movie and I wont lie I saw it 3 times in the theater.

  2. when i looked this movie up it said it was released in 1996 so i thought it was a old movie i missed not knowing it was the new one. thats what it said on the google movie app on the description, its got to be better than battle beyond the stars

  3. thanks SJW's..  You ruin everything, from politics to childhood movies, to real life.  Thanks for your efforts to make everything a liberal statement, and in the process, a huge mound of donkey shit.  Go fuck yourselves on an aids pole, and explode into a poof of social justice non reality fairy dust.  I've given my last $5.00 to your take-over of a once great trilogy, called star wars.  RIP George Lucas, enjoy your billions and fuck yourself for giving up or into the NWO.

  4. So, in a universe where every freaking thing has anti-grav capabilities, we find a train, transporting some incredibly valuable resource, running on a track. And the marauders couldn't just steal their own car. They had to `F` it up for everyone. My point being that if someone could actually write a good story, they would have a good movie. Too much reliance on a pretty CGI experience. At least they had a few decent actors in this. Without Woody, this thing would have likely been a total washout. I'll bet the original movie intended by the original directors would have been awesome, just based on the fact that Kennedy didn't like it.

  5. just when you think Disney has finally made a black character who's not a goofy stereotype, they take her out of the plot and bring in comic-relief-slave-rebellion droid for the rest of the film… come on :/

  6. Love how its 5 bucks now but spiderman is 20 and so is the rest of the star wars movies and whats bad about it is it completely breaks the timeline and they have so many sjw things shoved into it we dont like it

  7. This is a great movie with a strong plot. It lends a humorous back story to the StarWars saga.

    Visually impressive effects, nothing here is see through. To top it all off Emilia Clarke possesses a timeless beauty . I loved it!

  8. Ok, movie. Not really anything like 'star wars' series, but hey, on it's own it's a mediocre modern movie with weak moral plot and left-wing bias. typical boring shit they pass off now-days as a movie.

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