Small Indoor Weed Grow Room Tour by GreenBox Grown

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  1. Good info .. thanks. I recently built a stealthy 4×3 box and I have five autos in it right now. I have three 300 watt full spectrum LED and I'm giving the indoor plants light 24/7. There was a sixth plant (blueberry cookies) but it's not auto so I put it outside to force to flower. I'll bring it back inside when the weather breaks here in Southern Ontario. Two fans and carbon filter vented to outside. So far so good – the plants are very dense and healthy. As a newbie, I went with low cost MARS 300 but will invest in better at some point. The first grow I attempted was a SCROG of Purple Kush but I made a couple of mistakes and the yield was low (but spectacular) Watering was a royal pain working around the screen so this time around, the plants are in 4 gallon buckets that I can take out for watering and trimming. My first grow was the 18/6 and 12/12 lighting but I thought I'd experiment this time. I germinate, veg, flower, cure and cook in my little box.

    Sorry for length of post – any opinion on my 24/7 lighting routine?

  2. Hi new grower here..Amateur question but I got a bit confused with what you said about the light settings do I just use veg then bloom.. or do I use the red one which is flowering at any point?

  3. Mate I live in Australia and my seeds are not popping the temp is about 19-35°c which is good for the plants and I have been trying to do it for a couple of months now I have had I plant so far I'm doing 3 different types of germination (paper towel, cup of water, and putting the seed in ground can u help

  4. Yea nice 4×4 bro I’ve got the same set up as that for my veg tent.Even your tent is the same but mine has orange around the corners n zips not purple.Im thinking growcell?well it looks like one to me.Mine is good tent but it has a little bit of light leak when the lights are on but nothing bad just tiny bits here n there like most tents.Anyway nice vid man n Cheers from Australia man 🍺👍🏼

  5. I see you set your planters on a wire rack. And wet vac your run off.
    I have trays to set mine in, what are your thoughts on that? Is letting the pots sit in the run off bad? I suppose I could wet vac the trays. First time grow about to start. I have smart pots 12 in diameter, and have 14 in trays for them seeing your wire racks makes me wonder things out loud.

  6. Wasup dude im planning on growing indoor this year and might need a little more guidance. Are LED Lights the go to? My local hydroponics store recommend getting LEC lights and its making me a little more confused.

  7. hi everybody just wanted to get some quick feedback. I've got a 4×4 with 2x 450w ViparSpectra (activated Veg mode). I've grown from seeds and it is exactly one month since they came to the surface. The plants have nice horizontal grow but my biggest plant is only 11cm tall. I feel like its way behind compared to some yt videos. what do you think?

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