SCARE YOUR PLANTS: Increase Potency, Making Cannabis Oil & the Knowing Plant

INCREASE POTENCY: Cannabis Oil, Resin Crapping, the Knowing Plant. What a Plant Knows & Can it Crap Resin? These are just some of the topics explored …


  1. That was sad. Video of you coughing your lungs out is not the image I want to project as an advocate of legalization. Sad too because now I'm going to feel bad about killing my cannabis plants. I can hear them screaming "noooooooo not me, kill a cow, kill a cow".

  2. You legend! I found your channel about a week ago thanks to Grateful Grower and I've been hooked ever since. I'm starting with the oldest and trying to catch up, and this video was hilarious! Love your work brah, thanks for sharing your expertise. Your garden is art work

  3. Many years ago I picked up a library book about the life of plants, I think it was titled WONDER PLANTS & PLANT WONDERS, if anyone can find it you will be blown away by the scientific experiments that were done on plants and the results of those experiments. The obvious intelligence that plants have and the ability of plants to communicate with each other is nothing less than astounding. This gives rise to the age old question….. is there a higher power in this universe that is in control and running things? I found a big fat healthy frog a couple of years ago that had no eyes and had been hatched from an egg having no eyes from the beginning of it's life as a tadpole. How did that frog survive, how did he manage to find and catch insects and other food sources without having the ability of sight ? It sure is mind boggling when you take the time to think about the wonders of nature. Maybe after we die we will be privileged to know the mysteries of life on this wonderful planet.

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