ReviveAM vape pen ♡ Surterra Wellness | 1:1 ratio THC/CBD product review | FL MMJ

surterra’s reviveAM pen is a great product. it is not the only product that offers the benefits it offers, and while it’s one of several products like it that are on the …


  1. Ellie great information as usual. I believe it is breast cancer awareness month, and Trulieve has a new trupod (half the normal size) Strawberry Tangie. A portion of the proceeds from the sales go to a Breast Cancer Foundation. It is a cheaper Trupod also. I think it would be cool if you did a review of this product before the end of October, if you could swing it of course.

  2. this has nothing to do with your video BUT maybe u can help me with this. Do u know the difference between c02 extract and distillate?? Curaleaf sells syringes of both and i always get distillate but I'm curious about the c02

  3. Thank you Ellie for the great videos! Said a quick hello to you today at Trulieve…I realize now that a complete stranger calling you by name is a little creepy, but I was star struck…thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

  4. Great video, After years of opioids I was able to move to MMJ 2 years ago, I believe it save my life and I don’t have the stomach / digestive issues I had. I will skip this product since I have found out the last 2 years that sativa and hybrid strains cause me mayor anxiety, although indica makes me less active it does not causes issues with my anxiety. Hope Surterra was able to fix the issue they had with the calm vape pens that kept crystallizing the CBD. Again thanks for the video

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