Recently India Globalization Capital $IGC has rallied nearly 1500%. How is a company with no product worth 200 Million dollars, operating out of a defunct …


  1. Just an fyi the adress image in maps is from árbol house daycare, google it it has same address and also states PERMANENTLY CLOSED, therefore plausible to think they leased or purchased the location for headquarters. Remember if you have a distributor you don’t need much space for just the corporate and sales side of the biz…… not a scam patent pending and all for Alzheimer’s blend price point 2.00 a beverage.

  2. If u do any research on this company, you see this is all hype. Unfortunately allot of these people listen for any YouTuber to say it's the next best thing and they jump in. Making it easy for the Wolf traders to take ur money guys. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH YOU LAZY TRADERS….

  3. the SEC. what do they do for us. they claim they are to keep the market fair and safe for the average investor but as you see they let companies like this on the stock market

  4. looks like the link to a video showing the revenue generated by IGC was taken down. The video seemed pretty detailed. Everyone should have as much information as they can to make an informed decision.

  5. This does scream scam. But also looking at the CEO Rum Mukunda. He says the company operates and was founded in out of Hong Kong , India, & Maylasia. This Maryland address could just be an online office. ? Please explain I heard the ceo talk on a YouTube video ? Watch that video and comment back ASAP. I have a heavy investment in this company

  6. I agree it's a scam. But the house thing was completely irrelevant. The Google maps image was from last year, they could have easily had an office built in that same location since September 2017.

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