Parent’s Wish or Your Wish – Sadhguru Answers a Young Girl How to Make this Tough Decision | MOI

As a part of the Youth and Truth Campaign, Sadhguru was asked by a JNU Student Tamana, what to choose in life – What we want for ourselves or what our …


  1. At IIM Ahmedabad he was asked the same question. He said, you do what is best for you, at the same time turn up the volume of your love for your parents. Dont get angry and react.

  2. I hate your speeches for only one reason….
    you project as if there is nothing wrong happening….
    why should I pray price. ?? for my right full deeds….
    all over that why should that price be so high…. don't mask the inability existing in our society with sugar coated words…
    with love and respect my advice to you.

  3. I didn't get my answer yet..I feel trapped …. If I'll step out to pay that price to work for that…I have no resources for that…and to earn those resources the again the question arises how? I don't have money to switch and my parents are like they will be like itni acchi job hai brand sb kuch hai kyo naukari choor raha hai…aur kuch aisa kar raha hai jismein kuch nahi kar payega.. coz ismein unke bhi desires involve hote hain ki ladka mera ye naukari kar raha hai us brand mein sirf duniya ko dikhane ke liye ladka stable hai…..but mental stability ka kya jab aap ghar se door ho?? And in case aap bemaar padh jaao to chutti lene tk pr log judge karein?? Kaam se dikkat nahi hai…pr ultimately ye aisa work atmosphere? Is it suitable for mental stability?

  4. Sadguru what if parents are emotionally blackmailing that if u don't do this we will die… In such cases what should children do? It is sooo much painful.. if children also did the same thing.. what they will do.. again blackmail that they will die.. what to do in such cases?

  5. i need help

    meri friend bahot bimar padti he har time sir dard maygrain,
    body pain,
    back pain,
    uski body bhi nai he blood bhi kam he…
    khana jada khati nai he..
    ka karu me kuch upay bataiye..
    dr ke pass jake aaye so a ans mat dena

  6. Without parents, who you are? Why can't you agree with your parents? What a sit question.
    Ohh. I think you guys are well educated and intelligents. So that asking stupid questions. Just think about parents their blood in your body. Just remembered from ur birth.i think is that enough for you to understand.

  7. There is generation gap for every generation to their next… But of late this has widens too much .. in the name of Globalization, Pseudo liberalism ,… especially church groups want to detach the younger generation from their roots from their families & culture… this is major problem …this is very huge price to pay ..

  8. Sadguru what if u paid the price and didn't get anything… Neither ur parents nor that thing and end up in remours, disrespect and frustration.. only pointed fingers of people around u

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