New Year! New Cannabis Closet Grow! First time growing Marijuana!

Day 13 of my first legal cannabis grow. I used Fox 🦊 Farm potting soil and Happy frog organic fertilizer. ( Closet Grow!) Like, Comment and sub. Peace.


  1. 6 weeks into MY FIRST GROW..I just transplanted 3 in a cup along with two others in single solos and the three grew like crazy together. I grow veggies so I had no problem breaking roots apart, tossing the parts that broke off, just a little air prune. I transplanted, gave a little trim, LST, accidental crop, flip to flower and up the nutes. I hit them with a 30 hrs nap before flip and all 8 ladies are flowering after spending 4 nights in a closet. I fimmed, topped, LST'd and whatever else I learned, may pinch some
    They also grow in my Bros living room on table near a swinging patio door. I grow in PURE COIR with no perlite, my roots are crazy healthy and the entire grow gets a gallon of tap a day containing a total of 5 teaspoons of dry nutes. I do however leach out chlorine 24 hrs before but if I forget, oh well.
    They grow under 4×4 LEDs with 2300 lumen 5000 kelvins so 50k hours on 12/12 for 12 years 5 yr warr with minimal electrical cost for $35. I check no pH, ONE nute throughout entire grow and have NEVER SHOWN A DEFICIENCY OR BURN OR ANYTHING. PROOF IN MY PIC JOURNAL NOT POSTED ON YOUTUBE. The pros are all right and wrong, no one way to grow anything and nature always wins… watch some veggie growers for tricks of the trade, we grow trickier varieties with bigger issues like blossom rot, it's an herb.

    $35 lights but get 2 for $15 or $20, I've got food growing too
    $17 coco coir but I bought 11lb brick, got food remember
    $20 nutes that hold true to pH balance and ROCK on everything I grow

    I'm reposting this, that was a lot but new growers don't need to be intimidated, just get started on a window seal.

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