Neti Pot Versus Himalayan Salt Inhaler sinus detox

This video is about Neti Pot Versus Himalayan Salt Inhaler sinus sinus,sinus infection remedies,health,pink himalayan salt,detoxify yourself,salt inhaler,himalyan …


  1. Hey Natural Vibes, It's a superb work on it's relevant issue. I like your videos and you should be way bigger, I found you through Nick Nimmins channel and I’m also a YouTube education consultant myself but I love nicks videos.

  2. hey natural vibes! nice to see you get tones of comment:) been giving my wife some rife tones for her allergies and they seem to help here allot…she uses it once or twice a day…her reactions have been almost unnoticeable of late..if you ever wanted them i would have to send you them some how…because i do not use them in meditations but as stand alone tones

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