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    03:09 How to Grow even if your renting
    03:59 Buy a GYG tee shirt to help support me
    04:30 3 Foot Tomato plant with 42 Tomatoes
    08:12 Indigo Blue Berry Cherry Tomato Plant
    09:18 Super Large Gourd
    10:10 Walk-Through Gourd Trellis
    11:37 Edible Marigolds Great for Salads
    12:50 Interview with Jim
    13:18 What is the secret to growing a 3 ft tomato with over 40 tomatoes
    14:12 What did you put in the soil to grow all those tomatoes?
    19:40 Why do you use compost teas once a week?
    20:48 What are the main types of probiotics are there for soil?
    22:00 Tell us more about the story of mycorrhizae
    22:38 Isn't Root fungus bad?
    23:40 How many kinds of mycorrhizae do you offer?
    23:52 Why do some mycorrhizae companies offer a single strain?
    26:10 How to help prevent transplant shock
    29:19 Multiple Strain Products better than a single strain
    30:10 Why does someone need to purchase mycorrhizae when they live in the soil?
    30:57 So someone can buy mushrooms to get mycorrhizae in their garden?
    33:10 Benefits of using mycorrhizae
    34:40 Do I need to only to apply mycorrhizae to my soil once?
    36:34How bad is tilling to the mycorrhizae?
    38:53 How much mycorrhizae should someone add to each plant?
    40:42 How can I apply the water-soluble mycorrhizae to my plants?
    43:04 If someone is using worm castings do I still need mycorrhizae?
    44:29 Is the guaranteed analysis at the time of manufacturer?
    48:38 If someone buys a bagged soil with mycorrhizae does someone still need to buy a mycorrhiza?
    51:49 What is this picture?
    56:50 Can you use mycorrhizae on every vegetable in your garden?
    59;02 Should I get a mycorrhiza with endo and ecto varieties?
    1:00:02 Why is the beneficial bacteria important?
    1:02:34 What is the law of minimums?
    1:05:23 What are the different Plant Success mycorrhizae products?
    1:10:09 What products did you use to get 42 tomatoes on your plant?
    1:12:47 How can someone get these mycorrhizae products?
    1:14:49 How can someone contact you to learn more?

  2. Love your channel and hope you will give out a shout out to another channel, Homestead Tessie”. She is a wonderful person trying to get her first 10 thousand subscribes. Anyone reading this please go to her channel and subscribe. Watch her video’s. You will see why I love her so much. I am just a subscriber trying to help out a channel I feel very deeply for.

  3. Wow John. I can say this is one of your best videos. I have been following you for years and this one is very special and full of knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Keep up the good work.
    God bless you 👍

  4. Thank you for your for your advice!! It helps so much!!! But I have an urgent question! I have 12 kale plants, and they are all filled with worms!!!! I don’t know what to do!? Should I just cut them all off? Or is there something u need to do ?

    Thank you!!

  5. I had the best tomato harvest ever this year. I amended with (added vermiculite, perlite to the soil and plant based compost, worm castings, mycorrhiza, rock dust), staked the tomato plants. I did not touch these tomato plants till harvest (Had 35+ tomatoes per plant) and had no blight, no splitting, no pests. I even let mother natures rain, water it. The other tomato plants I tended to and watered, had less than 12 tomatoes per plant (same soil and amendments) and some of the tomatoes on those plants split. Conclusion for me amending the soil is key and let mother nature take care of growing tomatoes. Zone 6b here.

  6. I know some of the stuff iv seen on here iv asked about at places and they just look at me like I’m nuts. I hate when people that have nurseries or farms don’t really know that much about it.

  7. someone gave me some corn seeds that were only a few years old but they had mold on them and smelled a little bit and were hard to sprout and not many germinated. after growing out a few plants and getting another crop of corn seeds I started to store my seeds in this mycorrhizal powder so the beneficial can hopefully out compete any pathogens that would ruin seeds while in storage also I have them in humidity controlled jars now.

  8. Finaly the Law of Minimum comes up 👨🏻‍🌾
    Good point John 👍 even one use admedments, the plant have to take the nutrients in. If they are not disolved, they need micro organims to decompose. re Brix or not … some people belive in the taste of the wine comes from the soil – not the yeast … ask them how the grapevine will eat the solid rocks 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. In my opinion a master gardener is someone who knows everything about every vegetable, herb and fruit known to mankind. Furthermore, a master gardener should know by memory how to build optimal soil conditions for each and every edible plant, fruit and herb on this earth. I highly doubt anyone currently living fits this bill. #justsaying #inmyopinion

  10. Well, it's not exactly true that you don't benefit from some of these relationships with different companies, John (and I'm not saying that to create drama for you or give you negative press – just keeping things on the surface…again, I like this channel!). For instance, you got the Aquajet system for free, right? Of course, your garden was a test for that system, so you were taking a chance with it. Didn't Josh from Boogie Brew take care of one of your gardens for a while at least? Maybe he didn't charge you for those products he used on your garden – maybe he did? (I remember seeing a video where a large bag of worm castings from him were being lowered into your yard – I thought that was pretty crazy…so much worm castings!) So while money may not change hands, you do receive a few or some free products that you promote, right? That is an exchange of sorts, one that is not necessarily dependent upon a positive review of said products. But a lot of these products work very well! I buy from your store when I have an opportunity. I still aim to buy the black garlic maker from you soon. Your recommendation of John &Bob stuff got me to check that company out. Hell, I bought a Hudson Atomizer Spray after seeing your neem oil video a few years ago! 🙂 So I'm not criticizing you – just pointing out that this can be understood as a benefit that most people don't have. Apologies if this is interpreted the wrong way.

  11. Awesome! Such a Green Thumb! Such Great Info… You are my Organic Hero when it comes to GYoG! Keep It Up Man! Love All the Vids! Like this one Alot! Im a Huge Fan Of The Tomato! It is such a Tastey Fruit you can prepare so many different ways, with different things, or just bite into it right off the vine!
    •••SideNote: Hope You Have Another LIVE STREAM AGAIN SOON… Maybe Something Fall Related¿?¿? Or Whatever. Just a Idea. Have a Blessed Day!
    #GrowYourGreens #GrowOrganic
    ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••

  12. What you say about food is right. My Italian grand parents lived during the 2 wwars, and they used to eat what they could, farming and fishing and sometime some chickens and eggs, but for the 80% were vegs and fruits. Definitely the mediterranean diet is by far the healthyest only leaving some fish sometime and 1 egg once in a while. Totally avoiding the other kind of meat, and cheeses.

  13. We all just love your videos and efforts to help everyone have a better and healthier life through gardening….we will soon be applying all we have learned from you when we soon start our own 10 acres organic farm! Peace my friend!

  14. I'm going to buy me a shirt. 😁 Been wanting one for a little while. I love my little garden. I've got ten grape tomato seedlings sprouted. I'm super Happy and waiting for it to cool off here in Texas so that the tomatoes can thrive 😍🍅

  15. Man! You are the best. My plants have grown SOOO much since finding your channel. I even created a YouTube channel shortly after stumbling upon your videos. Your charisma is that to be admired. It's amazing the kind of info that can be learned on YouTube and your channel is the prime example of that. Thank you.

  16. Dr. Earth's green bag on clearance at in St. George (West Sunset Home Depot) for $6.00 a bag right now. Ecoscraps fertilizer (leafy greens, and tomato) $1.80 for a four pound bag, ten pound bag of organic bone meal $5. and more on clearance in St. George Utah.

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